Animals at the Edge of Extinction

Posted on the 02 August 2012 by Eugenal @MRoyalDisaster

Nature surrounding us has given us lots of wonderful issues to observe and think over. As a matter of fact, I think that the opportunity to live together with the wild world is one of the best that could be given by the Universe to every human-being.

Unfortunately, not all animals can make it here on the planet Earth. Some of them were eliminated by us, people, which is an unforgivable sin. Others can’t stand the climatic changes and the situation in the environment. Anyway. Here is the list of those animals which need our support and care, because we risk to lose the whole species which can lead to terrible consequences.

Java rhino.

This gorgeous animal used to live everywhere on the territory of the South-East Asia Burma, India, East Pakistan, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, the Malay Peninsula, the islands of Sumatra and Java. Now however, it is an extinct species. Only because of the illegal hunt for their horns. No zoo has any of these Rhinos and there are only about 20-30 units in the whole world.

Animals at the edge of extinction

Aye-aye lemur.

As other lemurs this species lives in Madagascar. Practically all the subunits are at the edge of extinction because of the ruining their natural habitat. As for Aye-aye, there are only 20 units in the world left.

Animals at the edge of extinction


White oryx is the antelope living in Saudi Arabia and Oman. Hunting for this subtle animal has led to it’s breeding in captivity in order to save the whole species. Now, there are about 500 units of oryx and we can say that the species has been successfully saved from extinction.

Animals at the edge of extinction

Iriomote cat.

These cats live only on one island of the Japanese archipelago – Iriomote. Only a couple of units are kept in Japanese zoos and in the natural habitat they can be counted up to 100 units.

Animals at the edge of extinction

Snow leopard (Ounce).

These beautiful cats once lived in the mountains of Central Asia – Himalayas, Hindu Kush, Pamirs, Tien Shan. They resemble a white leopard, but for the fact they are smaller and have a long bushy tail. Wilde nature contains no more than 150 units, but after the year 1960 the population of ounces has been increasing.

Animals at the edge of extinction

Far Eastern leopard.

This species is right at the risk of the total extinction because there are only 30 units in Russia and 10 units in China which makes a sum of only 40 cats in the whole world. Far Eastern leopard can really be an extinct species if nothing is done to save it.


This species was found in 1936 and announced extinct at once. There is no info now on how many units there are in the world and probably this bull is still living somewhere in Cambodian forests.

Przewalski’s horse.

In the middle of the XXth century there were only about 200 units of this beautiful animal, now we can count about a thousand units, though they live only in National Parks in Mongolia and China. There is even a project to return the horses into their natural habitat.

Animals at the edge of extinction

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