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Another Facebook Friend Deleted Me !!!

Posted on the 26 March 2012 by Unforgettable

Another Facebook Friend Deleted Me!!!

You logged into your loving Facebook account to check on to any new notifications or messages you might have received from your crush and also to peep into others’ profile (there also may be some other works that I am not able to mention here but people might be doing on Facebook ;))but to your dismay and surprise, all your excitement turned other way round and you find out that another of your Facebook friend has deleted you. And even harder it is to know WHO??? :P (yea, I Know you can now get to know who it is but remember, people used to delete you when these tricks weren’t yet discovered) I guess those readers who yet don’t know about the above mentioned trick are rather more interested in knowing the same before proceeding further with this article. But, I will be more concerned towards my topic of writing. You can Google it yourself.
I can well understand how you might be feeling when you went through this phase of getting deleted by your friend and even worse if you got deleted because of no reason or are unaware of the reason as I also got deleted by 2-3 acquaintances of mine with no reason attached to it. I understand that they might not be wanting to be in my life so they did so. (But atleast btana toh chahiye na). One could ease his/her heart by saying that they don’t want them in their life as well but what I think is, it hurts a lot to be out of even the virtual life of somebody. It feels like am I not fine enough to be friends with him/her? Or something more like that. That’s what I felt on being deleted confessing the tag of being sensitive. May be even I also kept them in my profile to get some nice updates and gossips around them or even in the hope of getting myself updated if I missed on something on which I should receive updates to tune myself with the fast pace of life and to coordinate with others of my age. (And yea also to check out on some pictures of girls ;)) Argue on anything, but it still hurts to get deleted by someone. And now, as you have found out who that friend is, who dared to delete you, you may think that how a person who used to be in your friend list suddenly grew up an asshole, a banker or may be a nice mother. (That’s what I actually and exactly thought about. No, my ex-friends haven’t been placed as a banker yet, that was just a thought in my mind ‘cause they might be considering them as having one of the qualities mentioned above and dared to delete you). I expect that you haven’t done anything creepy or cocky to someone by whom you got deleted ’cause I am writing this for innocent people (like me) who got deleted and not for the one who deserved even not to be added by anyone :P So, now you no longer are able to check what they are doing. All you could do is look at that evil-eyed ‘Add as friend’ button that never used to be there while you were considered friends by the vastest social network in the world. And now you lost that proud thing. Sad it is. Isn’t it? Yea I know it hurts. I told you.
Generally, it is the personal choice and opinion of the account holder for whom to keep and whom to discard from their profile, but still one should make a wise choice regarding this while cruising through their friends list ‘cause as also mentioned earlier, it hurts :D There also are people (yes, I have seen some) who swear and promise to be with someone always and care for them. These promises become totally irrelevant at this point of time when you get deleted by the same person and even if YOU delete that person. So, here’s a little advice from my side my dear friend (leni ho toh lo warna jaaane do ) that if you are going to delete someone from your friend list, please be sure that you really don’t want to continue any kind of connection with that person and also have a strong enough reason to do that. And, if possible, please please communicate the reason thereof, so that the person should take care of his/her deeds next time. Oh c’mon you can do this. Consider this as a development contribution towards your nation’s people. Help them grow their mind for their next task :D
The author after writing these words felt so relaxed from the disappointment he suffered after being deleted from Facebook by2-3 peoples and hopes that it won’t occur again and there will be no subtraction in his friends list from now onwards.

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