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As Important As The Dance Itself [#FridayLessons]

Posted on the 13 August 2015 by Sreesha @petrichor_blore
This week has been - there's been a loud buzzing in my brain and apart from inspiring a scary story, that incessant buzzing has blocked out everything else. Also why I was a little late in posting my Creative Wednesday post for this week. Also why I didn't learn anything significant this week except for a teensy thing which I knew any way.
So my creative juices were feeling rather like a rope left to dry in the sun, and I had been struggling to get my thoughts right when the poem The Nostalgia For Happiness struck my mind. It was inspired by a movie poster I had seen. I wanted a nice picture to go with the poem, but I did not want to use the same movie poster. 
Once inspiration strikes, the words battle out whatever bees and buzzes are blocking your head and you can't rest until you've written them down. That's what I did, and in record time! But the picture was a challenge. I tried all kinds of Image search keywords but despite coming up with the pose I was looking for, none of the images were - umm, what I was looking for. [Excuse me, there's noise in the head; I can't think
For some time I could not figure out why I was not satisfied with the many results Google was politely serving me as I rudely hit key after key. Add to that, the fact that the internet was sluggish at the time. When the internet is slow, I become such an unfocused person that I start reading the labels at the back of lotion bottles, or the status lines my contacts have put up on Whatsapp.
Then it hit me.
None of the dancers had expressions. I mean, some looked haughtily at their partners, the others looked like they were dancing with their siblings or cousins! There was neither fire nor love nor despair nor ecstasy in their eyes or faces as there should have been - they were dancing after all!
So the brief lessons I learnt are these:
  1. I take longer to find the perfect picture to add to a blog post than I do writing it!
  2. Buzzing in the head is no reason to not write. Write anyway. Edit/delete later, but you cannot make up for lost time.
  3. I have lost the ability to function without internet - need to fix this immediately!
  4. And most importantly, when you dance, your expression matters as much as (if not more than) the dance itself.

As Important As The Dance Itself [#FridayLessons]

See what I mean. Look at Ralph. Image from favim.com, The English Patient (not the movie that inspired the poem).

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