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The Nostalgia For Happiness

Posted on the 12 August 2015 by Sreesha @petrichor_blore
When they met, she gave him a wistful smileLaden with the yesterdays spentOn the clouds of heaven filled with joyWhen the happiness seemed endless.On the rim of her eyes The image still sparkling clear remainedAnd the rustle and swish could be heardOf her skirt, autumn-coloured.As they waltzed together around the empty ballroomOnce a drop and then up he did liftSlow was the music, filled was the wine glassThe music faded into the sugar touch of lipsA touch of lips she had thought would last forever,But moments die and people change though;Preserved memories stretch in timeDiminishing the present even more so.The music fades, and the wine is drunkA kiss remains nothing butA heaviness from the past on swollen lipsThis she knows, and so does he;But they let the memory of the dance remainThe nostalgia for happinessThe swish and rustle of an autumn-coloured skirtAnd the kiss they thought would never end.

The Nostalgia For Happiness

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