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Posted on the 04 February 2016 by Aritrasen
ASSHOLESAssholes assholes in the air, Assholes assholes oh do i care! :DPlenty of them and teeming with more, Like worms on dung, in folds behold! Stupidity and idiocy they do manifest, As they dine on crap and shout out hate. Balls for head, they just can't think! Eating sugar, neighing still!! " Don't ever spoil the mood! " For giggles shoo away these dick-head fools!! Oh' don't be mad, just ignore,- And even if you are, go have fun in scores. Belittling, dancing, criticising in vain, These donkeys bray as they chump on hay. Oh wait!! what else did you expect? They are assholes, firm ones, without a brain. Instead of improving, they meddle with demotion, Discouraging words, as they cry for promotion!!Reading this shall bring a smile, To all those , but for the vile. Cows are fluffy, pigs are fat, Oh my god , did I just put on my funny hat? Oh God where art thou, You've made them in humor profound! Laughing asses, stinging bees, Oh my darling, you're an ass indeed!So come on, I am prepared to nod like Noddy, At all your jibber-jabber, for I'm no clumsy. And as I think of laying down the pen, I can't resist from writing this chorus in vain,- Assholes assholes go rot in the drain, You're just as important as shit to the brain!!

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