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Autumnal Life for the Single Girl

Posted on the 02 October 2016 by Lucyvictoria
Autumnal Life for the Single Girl
IT'S AUTUMMMNN and a New Moon! It comes as no surprise as to how much I love this season. Just take a look at this for example haha: The Joy of Animals This season has everything... The crisp, amber, crackling sounds of falling leaves, the ever-changing moods of our landscapes, the purchasing of beautiful boots, the glowing heat of a roaring fire, the soft murmurs of our animals as they snuggle up to our cuddly jumpers! I love it! What I am lacking however, is a {human companion}. Yep, still single. I mean, I adore my feline loves but I couldn't half do with a manly man to hold on to on these chiller, shorter and darker nights….
Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy single life. Always have. But it has been harder this time round, as you can see clearly documented!! The trouble with me last year (as I have now figured out) is that due to sooo many of the negative things that crescendoed around me, I didn't really take the time to enjoy getting to know ME again…to see how much I've grown, how much older and wiser I have become & I'm not going to apologize for now understanding this about myself, and I urge you all to do some soul-searching too :-) 
So, here's my little dating update. Ok, so first off, I can't even remember when my last date was. Seriously. That long ago. To be honest, I think the bloke just put me off. He was a teacher (good start, no names mentioned ha) but I soon realised that it was a wham-bam-thankyou-mam that the little mister was after, so no thanks. A shame, the fella was cute. Anyways, after a year and a bit of the same scenario, different guy, I've come to figure that dating in 2016 is alll about the quick gains.        I just can't seem to find anyone that I feel ANYTHING for. It's a totally disconnect…as Miss Carrie Bradshaw would say. Perhaps my heart isn't in it, perhaps I enjoy single me too much, maybe my complexities[?] are a shade too much.
I'm not after a full on relationship; it just would be nice though to find 1 person with whom I can share my life a little- someone who has shared interests. Take this for instance, I was sort've getting to know this guy who was slightly older than me. Anyway, I asked one day whether he'd like to go the Red Bull Air Races. I got a grunt and "What's that then?" To be fair, I thought the name was a dead give away paha. He had zilch interest. After that, I couldn't really see us going very far together. I'm beginning to think my dating processing in 2017 shall have to be a tad more selective and insular. Ar man. Tell me I'm not alone in this??
I don't really foresee me dating anyone in the months leading up Christmas. This is the realist me talking now. I don't even mind this, but what about a handy mini guide eh for what us single gals' can do to ease us nicely into the New Year, whilst relishing in the fact that we have no ties or drama {YAY!?!?}
  • Use your time wisely. Most of my friends are domesticated (coupled up, in my language), thus I need to make sure I'm being productive with free time! Clich but gain a new hobby. You never know, you might meet that special someone with similar interests to you…I'll be taking my own advice here; note to self Luce.
  • Get outside!! This is so important even if you're in a relationship, but when single, just go out in the fresh, open air and get exercise. For me, I'm connecting more with my spiritual self & to absorb nature and its goodness, as seen below. It supports in de-clogging your mind. Mine is a chatter brain what with my diagnose of an anxiety disorder- so guys, just go and take yourselves out. Be active!

Autumnal Life for the Single GirlAutumnal Life for the Single Girl
  • Revitalise & reevaluate. In every sense of the word! Simply enjoy the fact that you can invest a little more time into figuring out your hopes and dreams. Use this opportunity to take fate into your hands..think hard about what traits are important to you in a person. It would be ideal to share similar interests with a partner indeed, but it's not top priority; it is key though that they don't dismiss your likes (as above for me!) Compromise is good- don't go searching for them though. Revel in this autumnal season but keep your heart and eyes wide open for potential soulmates: new or old!!
  • Pamper yourself! This is self-explanatory. You may be single & we all have wants and needs but remember to cherish yourself first. It's vital in keeping yourself positive. You may think "oh forget the shaving and looking good, it's nearly halloween/thanksgiving/christmas, I'll eat my weight in cakes". Sure, do that, but I'll guarantee you'll be more miserable in January! Keep yourself fuzz-free and treat yourself to plenty of relaxing bubble baths with candles, wine & a book…festive candles, hello? That art exhibition you wanted to see- take yourself. Wear that little red number with that sultry perfume ;-)

Autumnal Life for the Single GirlSo please guys, is it just me feeling this!? Or maybe some of you are in relationships where your other half doesn't quite understand you? What other single girl behaviours do you do during this season?? I'd love to hear from you…
This post is brought to whilst listening to this beaut…. My faves.

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