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Be a Leader That Matters

Posted on the 15 April 2021 by Chetan @smilingchetan
Be a Leader that matters

Ok, you already know it's important to be a leader so your business grows.

Let's look into the different leadership styles-

Be a Leader that matters

With a clear and stable mind, think about what kind of leader you are? Does it serve your purpose?

Don't let this style depend on your behaviour, e.g. some people are born autocratic and their professional world reflects that. Avoid such scenarios.

It would be good to consciously choose the leadership style based on your business situation.

Examples of leadership that you should practice

1) In a Growing company

In such scenarios, output is of utmost importance and team members need to be in their own comfortable space to be creative and come up with solutions. 

In such situations, Laissez-Faire leadership is effective as it empowers employees to make decisions to a certain extent and lets you focus on the overall functioning of the business

2) While upgrading the product

You may need to gather inputs from everyone and come to a decision or make a decision based on customer requirements. 

A democratic style followed by an autocratic style is most effective here.

3) Running a second generation business

If you are running your father's business, then the servant leadership style is effective as the employees are older and more experienced than you. 

Once you get a hand on the situation, transformational leadership is the preferred style.

4) At the beginning of your business

You can guess.

Transformational and laissez faire will be the leadership style.

You need to evaluate your business scenario frequently and consciously choose your leadership style.

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