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Beanie Babies On My Dash

Posted on the 13 October 2012 by Stayathomeninja @Home_Ninja
Beanie Babies On My Dash   The other morning I crawled out of bed, looked in the mirror and I said to myself, "Self, today you are going grab all of your beanie babies and put them on the dash of your car". I mean beanie babies make me happy so why not share that happiness with the rest of the world. Everybody will look at my B.B.'s ( That's shorthand for beanie babies, you know trade speak) filling up the dash of my car and say to themselves, "Wow that just made my day, I am now a better person for seeing that, maybe I will put B.B.'s on my dash so that I might spread the joy".
   Sometimes I like to take old fast food bags, old Styrofoam soda cups and empty packs of menthols, and strategically place them on my dash along with my B.B.'s. I like to imagine that they are like little suitcases and tiny little tents for my precious little bits of joy. I mean, you put lawn ornaments in your yard right?  Then again there is nowhere else to put them.
   Of course I would put them in one of the garbage bags in the back seat but those are full of clothes and you don't want to mix those two together. I mean could you imagine, reaching back there for some children's clothes and accidentally grabbing an old Burger King bag. That would just be silly, like I say everything in its place.
    Not to get away from my mission to spread joy, but did you know you can recycle phone books and old magazines. I've been meaning to take mine in but I just haven't had the time. That's OK though, I have them all in my passenger seat, that way next time I pass by the recycling place I have them all right here. 
   Yes I know my B.B.'s are bringing happiness to people around me. Why the other day I pulled up next to a family of 5. They all looked over at my B.B.'s and they all broke out in big smiles. The children were pointing at my B.B.'s and laughing and getting excited. I am sure I played a little part in make their day a little brighter. Yes I truly believe I am making the world a better place one stoplight at a time.
Author's Note: I am being sarcastic, just so we're clear, I DO NOT have beanie babies on the dash of my car. I do however have a vanillaroma air freshener collection hanging from my mirror. I'm up to 27.Beanie Babies On My Dash

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