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Gerd, Paleo and Golds

Posted on the 05 November 2012 by Stayathomeninja @Home_Ninja
   Sorry it has been so long between posts but as I stated in a previous post I was in a rut.  I think I may have started to change that, as long as I stick with this change in routine.  I guess I was just tired of sitting on my ass miserable and gaining weight.  You see I quit smoking about a month ago, which was good,  but I replaced cigarettes with food, which is bad. The result of this was a weight gain of about 20 Lbs, while in itself that isn't horrible, the fact that is in addition to 20lbs I have gained since becoming a stay at home parent is. It's not that I strive to eat crap and not exercise, it's just that I've always been so busy taking care of my family I have never had the time to take care of myself and I am sure other stay at home parents will tell you this is a common trap, a trap which I wholeheartedly jumped into.
Gerd, Paleo and Golds     Now to talk about the serious stuff. Years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, which I managed to control through diet, a diet which I haven't been on in a long time. So I checked my blood sugar the other day and was horrified to find my fasting glucose was 150. Not good. Because of the cigarettes, I was having problems breathing, to the point that I had developed a nasty smokers cough ( which I quit but replaced with food ), you know, the kind that sounds like your boiling marbles in your chest and lasts about 2 minutes. And to top it off, for the past 8 months I was suffering from non stop gerd (heartburn that goes up your throat and is the most pain I have ever experienced). I was taking Zantac four times a day and it wasn't touching it. My cholesterol and triglycerides were off the charts. I was a walking heart attack.
     So after I quit smoking I was feeling pretty good about myself until just for shits and giggles I weighed myself on the dust covered scale in the bathroom. I didn't feel so good about myself after that. LOL I thought I had accidentally washed my clothes in hot water, guess not. So after a couple of weeks feeling sorry for my self I decided, after lots of excuses of why I couldn't, I joined a Golds Gym for $10 a month. Ironically my biggest excuse was my family. I mean how could they survive with me gone for an hour every other day? Yeah, lame I know but I was grasping at straws.  So I made the commitment to go 3 to 4 time a week.
Gerd, Paleo and Golds   My next question to myself was why was I working my ass off at the gym so I could eat fast food, chips and just maintain my current weight ( which was too heavy ). So I decided if I was going to commit I was going all the way, Richard Simmons type stuff. I am going to go for transformation.  I decided to change my diet. Since I like meat, and pasta and bread are horrible for diabetics ( this was how managed my diabetes before, by going low carb ),  I looked into the Paleo style of eating. It made a lot of sense to me and had a large supportive community. So I committed to major change.
     Some would like to say this is a selfish thing that I have chosen to do. You would be correct, but how can I take care of my family if I can't take care of myself .  The best way you to take care of your family is to take care of yourself. So don't make excuses just jump in head first and see where it takes you.
UPDATE: Within a few days of the Paleo/Primal diet my blood sugar dropped 15 points and the gerd completely disappeared.  I will update you all soon.The Primal Blueprint By Sisson, Mark (Google Affiliate Ad)

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