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Been Awhile.

Posted on the 02 December 2015 by Skip1957 @skip1957
  Greetings and salutations everyone! Been awhile since I have written anything here....... been busy, but I have a little free time now, so here I am. It's been very quiet here lately, and that's a good thing. It was very quiet here this morning when I got up, actually I found it a little too quiet, I could here every sound, from the cats cleaning themselves, right down to the clock ticking..... 

  Cats cleaning themselves is a very annoying sound, much like someone who is smacking their lips and eating loudly....... The clock ticking is a reminder of our little time here on Mother earth, and how fast it can pass us all by.

  Last night my wife went out and did a little shopping. She is very much into the Christmas thingie..... me, I'm not so inclined, but go along with her spirit, because you know what they say, Happy wife.....Happy life! She has thrown several hints the last few days (more like asking outright) for me to put the decorations and lights outside. I've been using the it's too dayum wet out excuse the last few days, because it actually has been, so today I'm going to use it's too dayum cold, because it's actually nice and clear out,so the wet excuse won't work! I'm hoping it works, but she may just become insistent........... 

  My computer has once again decided to be a prick. It's been running very slowly and all the usual tricks and tweaks haven't helped. I even downloaded a few things that are suppose to help, but they haven't. I even went to the support site of the manufacturer, and that didn't help. I'm thinking it's soon time for a new computer......... This one is 5 years old, and hasn't been turned off hardly since I first bought it.

  ..... anyway, I do hope anyone reading has a great day, and wish me luck in the decorations and lights battle I figure I'm going to have! 


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