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Benefits of Yoga in Daily Life | Health Benefits of Yoga

Posted on the 08 April 2017 by Ruperttwind @RuperttWind
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Many doctors still think of yoga as vigorous exercise that would be inappropriate for people with health challenges, so be prepared to do some educating (bring your research). If you've found a yoga therapist you like, you may want to give your doctor permission to discuss your case with him or her, says Laura Kupperman, E-RYT 555, a professional yoga therapist in Boulder, Colorado.

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In addition to the emotional and spiritual benefits of this practice, Kriyas can teach meditation, breath control and calmness, mental purification and eradication of bondage from the desires of the ego. This Kriya class provides an immediate spiritual experience and has been likened by Paramahansa Yogananda as the "easiest, most effective, and most scientific avenue of approach to the Infinite".

Yoga for Healing: Why Western Doctors Are Now Prescribing

Bottom line: Restorative yoga is worth the time. "Sweating like a beast helps you feel like you conquered something," says Buick, "but where is that moment where you connect with who you are? What's the purpose of all your hard work? Taking that moment to step back can show you just how strong and powerful you are."

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Our regular student Alan, who is a Spin Instructor, and lifts weights several times per week, and who travels a lot in his corporate job, said this about his Yin Yoga practice

We cannot control the rain, but we can move ahead with greater confidence when we have an umbrella with us. Meditation is like the umbrella during troubled, emotional times.

A portion of Chopra Center Profits support research on consciousness, mind-body medicine and meditation. Learn more about these initiatives and the Chopra Foundation here.

We asked some of our regular students and our teachers what Yin Yoga means to them, and we 8767 re going to share their answers with you over the next few weeks.
Often people don 8767 t really understand the point of Yin Yoga, or don 8767 t think that it will do them as much good as a more dynamic practice.

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Results from several studies show that Halstead's outcome-and the positive results experienced by countless patients who are turning to yoga therapy-is common. In the newest scientific studies, researchers are using genomic expression and brain imaging to understand how yoga affects practitioners on a cellular and molecular level. "Researchers take blood samples before and after yoga practice to see which genes have been turned on and which were deactivated," says Khalsa. "We're also able to see which areas of the brain are changing in structure and size due to yoga and meditation." This kind of research is helping take yoga into the realm of "real science," he says, by showing how the practice changes psycho-physiological function.

As both a yoga teacher and practitioner of predominantly dynamic classes in addition to my nursing role, I work my body at a fast pace the majority of the time. Whilst I love this and create my energy from yang activities my body was starting to protest. This is when I found yin.

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