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Big Boy.

Posted on the 13 June 2012 by Threesixfive @MamaChaser
Big Boy.
Lately it's been hard not to notice that Roman has been growing. Rolled up jeans have had to dramatically be completely unrolled, and other people have started to notice the recent stretch this little man has taken. It's sometimes hard to accept the fact that one day he'll not be a toddler, not be a child, not be a teenager and will be a man. I can't imagine such a time but when time passes so quickly like this I know the time will come - and it will all happen before my very eyes. Today was getting overwhelming so I took him outside. He picked me 'flowers', shoved them up my nostrils so I could get a good smell and there was a heart stopping moment when he pulled on a pipe - and nearly ripped it off the wall outside. We then walked to the shops and once we were done I felt exhausted so I had a little sit down on the bench at the supermarket while Roman ate peanut cookies. A rather well dressed elderly lady approached us and asked what age Roman was. "He's two," I told her, thankful I wasn't trying to tally up his age in months.

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