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Books You Should Be Reading (Jan-March)

Posted on the 02 April 2014 by Caitlove
Happy April!!! Holy Crap it's April!!! Time has seem to escape me again. Sigh. Since the new year my reviewing has been sad, as in I've only done one, wait...maybe two. But I've read some great books since the new year, so every so often I will drop in and tell you the books I've loved and why you should pick them up :) Without further ado....
I've read 72 books so far this year...
These are the ones I LOVED.
The Deep End of the Sea by Heather LyonsThis is a New Adult story of Medusa. It's a magical tale of redemption and love and all the wonderful things. I did do a review for this one (yay, go me) and you can check it out here My Review
Books You Should Be Reading (Jan-March)
TeaserBooks You Should Be Reading (Jan-March)
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Drawn Me In by Megan Squires Books You Should Be Reading (Jan-March)
This book was SUCH a pleasant surprise. I truly loved it! I've read Megan Squires before and loved her book and then on a whim I picked this one up. It was so good! And I will say this, there is a certain book that people are almost obsessed with and this book deals with the same issues, slightly. (I would say what book, but then it gives it away and yeah...I don't want to do that) and honestly, I thought this story was much better. Trust me when I say that this book is amazing! 
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Ignite Me by Tahereh MafiBooks You Should Be Reading (Jan-March)
GAH this book. It was hands down the best ending to a trilogy I have ever read. Ever. So do yourself a favor and just read all three books. 
With This Heart by R.S. Grey Books You Should Be Reading (Jan-March)
I literally read this book a couple days ago. It was wonderful! I found the characters delightful and their banter was hilarious! Plus I always fall for the good guy.  Yay for good guys and road trips and heartfelt story lines! So yay for this book! 
Lick by Kylie Scott 
Books You Should Be Reading (Jan-March)
If you can't tell, I'm a bit of a fan of the good guys. I am normally not impressed by alpha males. This book was a surprise for me because I loved it! And honestly, I don't think the main character in this book is an alpha male, at all. A rockstar, yes, but not so much alpha male. He was sweet and kind and a little broody and Ev, the female in this book, was wonderful and real! Yep, loved this book. 
Maybe Someday by Colleen HooverBooks You Should Be Reading (Jan-March)
This book is a bit of a given because, hello?!?!? Colleen Hoover. I bow down to her greatness. 

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