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Brighton Belle

Posted on the 16 July 2012 by Thefatalfemme @The_Fatal_Femme
I hear you cry.
Well! I've been on holiday. HOLIDAY!!!
Took some time to celebrate... oh yeah... oh yeah.
But yes. I came back 2 weeks ago so I have no excuses.
None at all.
All evidence to the contrary I didn't go on holiday to Brighton.
I went to a Canary Island... coo... coo. You know, the land of the yellow birds.
Actually I saw no birds at all. No vegetation even.
Lots of rock. Lots of sand.
But yes I have been to Brighton. I was quite the Brighton Belle (!)
I may have fallen in love. With Brighton. It's darling!!!
It's a bit like the quirky areas of London. Portobello. Notting Hill. You know?
But without the pretentiousness. No offense Londoners.
I mean, I've lived in London for 5 years so technically I could be offended by my own comment.
But I'm not. It's usually best not to offend yourself. Bit mean. You know?
Anyway, what was I saying?
Yes. Brighton.
It seems to have it all.
Sea, sand (well, pebbles), decent shops, winding high streets, culture, theatre, food and polite people.
Who knew there was such a place?!
I wouldn't wanna live there mind. I tend to hate places that I live. I'd like for Brighton to be a fond memory.
A bit like your first kiss. But less wet. And less vomiting...
I'm not quite myself today and have a feeling this blog could be a turkey (i.e. wobbly, ugly and doomed for death).
Watch this space my love...

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