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Posted on the 12 September 2019 by Zer @the2women

…CaptureAnother Apple Event has come and gone, and the world of tech is riding high with just under a week to go till the latest iPhone once again changes the world.

If you missed the big announcements, don't worry. I've got you.

(On a side note, I highly recommend watching at least one Apple Event. It's an hour-plus long parade of self-congratulatory pageantry. It's amazing.)

I'll start with the most important new feature, which without a doubt is the fact that the iPhone 11 is available in green. As someone who has named all of her phones Kermie, (yes, all of my electronics have names and they tend to be Muppets) this is huge.

While I think that is probably all you need to know (right?) there were a few other cool announcements related to photo capabilities. Which is probably what you're actually interested in because phones aren't actually phones anymore.

The latest and greatest iPhone comes with two lenses, but most importantly, it comes with slofies. Yes, that's slofie, as in slow selfies. It turns out there's still room for innovation in the world of self-documentation.

I look forward to seeing what the inter-webs do with this groundbreaking technology. And I would like to put the term slothies out there for your consideration.

Okay, that's all I have for you. Be brave, be kind, and good luck with those slothies (it's going to happen).

P.S. - Today's photo is brought to you by not the iPhone 11, some rain-soaked cobblestones, some street lamps, and a whole lot of charm. Bonus photo courtesy of my personal paparazzi.


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