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Care About Us

Posted on the 06 August 2010 by Muhammadhazem @MuhammadHazem
Care about usSometimes we spurn to get implored for acceptance. Sometimes we murmur loudly to ourselves to get the attention of whoever is passing by our rooms. Sometimes it gets complicated. Sometimes, despite of how strong our core values are, we feel unwilling to resist the urge for tumbling down, without any consideration for what tolerates no slackness. We're creatures of a fragile emotional nature. We don't respond to impertinent orders. We fail to favorably perceive unkind remarks. Bear with us kind reader for our willingness to change is great only if you understood how to handle us subtly. 
We plead with you to pause short whenever you see us sobbing breathlessly. Oh Kind reader, if only you knew how deep the wounds that your words can carve in us hurt. We refuse to point our fingers at you accusingly though, because we can be wrongful often without being aware. Sometimes we are the cheering crowd that makes it harder for you to bond with Allah. Sometimes we are the ones that you pray for. But we reluctantly refuse to believe that it's always our fault. Oh kind reader, if only you knew how to advise, how to pat us on the shoulder with compassion in times of great distress and pain.
We know that you mean no harm when conversing with us blatantly. We know that you harbor good intentions when advising us, sometimes with hurtful recklessness. We know that we usually respond with repulsive defensiveness, justifying to shocking extents. Bear with us kind reader, be a genial and passionate role model. Don't collapse when we need someone to look up to the most. Attempt vigorously to stand your ground when you find us fumbling frantically for someone to take us out of the burdening darkness. Oh kind reader, if you only knew how susceptible we're to change.
Sometimes it takes stifling patience to actively listen to us. Sometimes we cause you to lose hope, and desire choosing to not address us again. We know, and we sincerely apologize for every time we made it easier for you to believe in our inability to embrace goodness. But please kind reader, choose to be persistent. Choose to lavish care and empathy on our bruised souls. Don't pace and leave us sprawling idly on cold grounds. Oh kind reader, if only you knew how in need we're of what will cost you nothing at all.
Search for us kind reader. We reside everywhere. Sometimes we're a sad mummy, an insecure sister or a solitary friend. Sometimes we're the ones who gift trust to those who fail to treasure it. Sometimes we are the boastful, egotistic crowds who alienate the good ones away. Whoever we're, address us with unchangeable faith in our goodness. If you managed to do that, kind reader, we promise you satisfying reactions. We will no longer scowl and slide into warm beds with insecurities smothering us. We will no longer wail and whine. That's a solemn promise, kind reader.
Be lavish in your praise, kind reader. Listen to us when we need more than just a receiving ear. Help us and don't condemn our actions swiftly without exploring our dying spirits. Lets dismiss the former memories. Lets reconsider our roles. You, kind reader, be sincere and kind in your attempts, and we promise you rapid responses and true appreciation of your doing. Even if we failed to change, we promise you long passionate kisses and affectionate hugs as a sign of appreciation. We will not ask you to put your life on hold and slide into depression with us. All we're asking you to proffer is well-designed advices, sweet and lifting remarks, and heart-warming hugs. Oh kind reader, believe in our words for there are reflective of a true desire for dramatic change. 
ιиѕριяє∂ ву:  Helping my sister with a problem that troubled her, and seeing the satisfying effect of the help i rendered.

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