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Change is Inevitable

Posted on the 06 July 2012 by Gingercouturier @GingerCouturier

Life changes. Sometimes faster than a blink of the eyes.

Other times it is gradual, twisting and turning through the years.

Regardless of the time… Life changes.

People change.
I’ve changed

and I’ve spent a lot of time thinking.
Dreaming of my life that would be.

Since I was a child
as a teen
as a pretend adult.

And then when life got real.

I’ve wanted big things.
Happy days
Loving nights

And over the years, I’ve lived (my moments)
only to quickly dream up the next

Today though, I am just happy to be me.

Happy in my skin,
happy in my reflection
happy in my thoughts of now.

I can’t begin to tell you how genuinely happy I truly am.
In this moment.

With myself,
with my children,
with my family and with my friends.

I am happy.

Big things
happy days
loving nights
they are happening for me,

with me
around me.
Right now.

I’m not daydreaming.
This is real.

I am in control of my life and it feels wonderful!

The edges aren’t so sharp
I’ve let go of the pain
I feel fantastic and I let these feelings go

I can’t say that I’m sorry I haven’t written
I’ve needed some time to focus on me;
it’s done wonders.

I’m back though…
I’ve never felt more alive


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