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Character Inspiration: Ana

Posted on the 20 August 2015 by Cfohe @FoHe
I have been beginning to draw character inspiration for my short stories and potential novella from my character creations across writing sites. First time I did this was taking the Dalton's out of their world and into my own and more recently I have decided I would be inspired to do the same with my character Anastasia Dragomirov. What do we think, would this character history make an intriguing tale?
Anastasia Dragomirov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1892 before moving to St. Petersburg, Russia to serve as a lady’s maid in the Tsar’s household in 1908. It was this move that was meant to be for the better, her salvation and instead became her initial curse. A life in the imperial palace was meant to be a Godsend for Anastasia but instead damned her to a life as a monster. Her time at the palace went unnoticed by most, she was hard working but otherwise unexceptional. She was plain, silent and her presence often disregarded.
He unexceptional life took an unexpected turn; the night of the palace siege her fate would change. She was one of the few staff that had stuck around out of loyalty. The revolutionaries broke in and began the slaughter. She ran for her life almost managing to escape, thinking briefly that perhaps she would make it out of there alive before she was finally caught in the kitchens. Ana was afraid, but she did not beg for her life instead she tried to fight, but her efforts proved useless and she was stabbed with a bayonet before she was left for dead. Unfortunately, she had not been dead, at least not yet. That night a nest of vampires snuck into the palace to feed on the remaining life that lingered in the palace.
She knew that she was meant to die that night but her stab wound was killing her slowly, the blood draining from her body was taking her life force with it. One of the vampires found her and took a great interest in her, and in his haste instead of killing her, he changed her. So began Ana's life as a monster. It was a difficult adjustment but after the first initial wave of confusion and hunger passed she became too blood thirsty to stop herself. Her sire was in love with her, she however did not return the sentiment, she was now believed herself to be incapable of love and did everything in her power to ensure he knew it.
Quickly she became a tyrant and fear struck through Russia as she left massacres in her wake. Because of this ferocity she was hunted for decades. No hunter managed to take her as she stopped them all in the attempts. She continued this way for fifty years before their presence became too well known the nest has no choice but the flee Russia. In 1952 Ana found herself in America, a whole new feeding ground, and yet something in her changed. In 1972 she met another Vampire in Louisiana who unlike her own nest had tamed the monster within managing to avoid killing humans entirely.
She didn't believe this was possible but as she began to spend more time with him she found herself missing her humanity and begged him to teach her. It was a struggle but, he managed to get her away from her nest and devoted himself to the task of teaching her how not to kill for blood. It took almost a decade, but by 1980 Ana had managed to turn herself completely off the kill. She was living on animal kills or, when it was necessary, a stolen blood bag.
Her freedom however, did not last forever. In 1982 after years of searching her sire tracked her down and killed her mentor before taking her back. She refused to kill, refused to feed on whomever they brought in for her, despite her hunger. She managed, instead to escape again this time going on the run alone trying to keep to her commitment. She found a new nest, of vampires like her, and through the nest found support and work. Their leader the ancient but mysterious William Beauchamp, kept them together by regulating their food. They had to complete their work in order to earn their rewards. They move from city to city, setting up shop as not to be recognized. It has been five decades since she has seen her former nest, but they have never stop searching for her.

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