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Posted on the 11 September 2015 by Cfohe @FoHe

A Lost Legacy: The Names

So picking names is important, not only do you want them to be unique, but you want them to have meaning and relate well to your character without necessarily being too obvious, I mean Taylor the Tailor is a bit much right?

For the names of my lead characters for the Lost Legacies series I did a lot of research. I search for names based on meaning, appearance also went with what I liked, and how it sounded. 

The Main Five

Fionnuala -FINN-OOLA (Fair-Shouldered)- Perfect name for our fair haired heroine

Eamon -AY-MAN(Rich Protector) - I don’t know about ‘rich’ but the O’Neill’s are born protectors and Eamon proves this more than once.

Declan -DECK-LYN (Full of Goodness) - Our most sincere of the group, he is pure of heart and intention. 

Neely -KNEEL-LY(Passionate) - He relies solely on his emotions to drive him

Caine (Son of the Fighter) - Perfect for his hot tempered demanor not to mention he’s ;iterally the son of their fight trainer. 

The Council Five

Niamh -NEEV  (Bright) - She is described as having been the light of the group.

Cormac -KORMACK (The Destroyer) - It remains to be seen whether or not he  truly has the potential to live up to his name, but he certainly has left devastation in his wake.

Patrick (Noble) - He may be a bit stiff, but has an unnatural affinity for doing the right thing, and putting others before himself.

Brendan (Prince) - The now sole heir to the Cavanagh line it’s certainly fitting. 

Owen - (Young Worrier) - the council’s most youthful glow seems to be fighting based on instinct and emotion rather that wisdom.

Cian -KEY-AN(Ancient) - Particularly stern about their traditions in the coven. 

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