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Cityville Tips and Tricks

Posted on the 24 June 2012 by Rituraj

City Ville is another Facebook flash player game where we can build and manage an entire city. In the beginning we can name the city and then we start building houses so that rent can be collected periodically from them. Main thing in this game is the energy which is required to do all kinds of work, chopping down trees to clear space, building houses and businesses. Now another main thing is goods for the various businesses. It is not easy to manage goods. We need to regularly plant and harvest crops. The number of crops we work with increases with the increase in the size of our city.In the lower level it is easy to score experience and gain levels, but as the levels increase, the difficulty increases. There are a few tricks and quick tips we can follow to increase our level without wasting energy. This can be done by: -
  1. Making a lot of friends who play city Ville on Facebook. Now how do we get to know them? It is simple, we just need to go to any fan page of this game on Facebook and post a request saying ADD ME. This will help. We can also manually add the people who have posted similar phrases there.
  2. We should keep a track of how many requests we send to friends. As they accept our request, we must immediately send them add neighbor request. This will give us a lot of help as they send us gift and help us on our land.
  3. Adding friends also increase the amount of posts we get on the home page and clicking on these posts not only helps us, but also them, while they might return the favor.
  4. We must check the Fan Page every day for new gifts and other features which will help us playing.
  5. We must share posts on our home page.
  6. We must send requests asking for energy and doughnuts, as and when required.
  7. When energy is used up we must check in the inventory for energy packs and use them up when needed.

Now all these tricks can be very helpful and will surely help you to gain levels quickly in city Ville of Facebook. So click hereIn the end, please do not forget to like the post and comment on it to return the favor.
-Rituraj Roy

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