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How to Get Your Blog Approved by Google AdSense and Others

Posted on the 26 June 2012 by Rituraj

Earning through blogging is the latest trend and let’s say a latest way to earn easy cash. It is beneficial to the advertisers to be in a site which has 1000 visitors/day than to be in one which has 100. But creating a blog and then getting it approved is not easy. Here are some basic tips to crack the code if you are thinking of getting your blog approved by Google Adsense or or any other sponsor sites.
  • Managing traffic: The most important thing is to bring traffic to your site. More and more traffic and more and more-there is just no end at how much traffic you should attract to your site! The logic is simple-more traffic, more visitors, thus more advertisement and exposure leading to easy approval. If you are confused about what to write in your blog to make it worth reading, then think of what you would like to read. Choose interesting topics to write, topics that most people relate to and are likely to look for in the internet. And yes, if there is a comment, then do reply to it because everybody loves recognition. Even after getting approval, u have to KEEP building traffic. For a detailed guide, see the other post – How to bring more traffic to your blog (SEO Tips) below.
  • Make your blog colorful: Design your blog well. Put bright and obviously aesthetic colors so that it appeals to the eye. It is obvious that a colorful page will attract attention more than a dull page. Approval sites also pay attention to the design of your blog apart from quality of content. So spend time on the layout of your blog, give a good template. Don’t underestimate it. Give it a look so that it remains professional yet colorful!
  • Feature BuySellAds on your blog: if you want to get your blog approved specifically by BuySellAds, then feature it in your blog: not a post, just mention somewhere may be so that it at least catches people’s eyes.
  • Study other blogs: Search for other blogs in your category. Post comments on them so that some of that site’s visitors turn up on your page. Study other good ranked blogs. Get an idea about how to make your blog competitive and all.
  • Socializing: Facebook is one of the most powerful social websites today. You wouldn’t believe how many posts I had to make for this blog to work. Use them other than chatting and viewing other’s pictures once in a while. ;) .Let your friends know you have a blog. Share your posts on FB and other social sites.  Get likes on your posts. There is absolutely no limit to what you can do with these amazing sites. An important fact is that if you have more likes, you are more prone to getting an approval.
  • A professional domain: try to get a professional domain like .com or .in or whatever. These get more preference. Also you will see search results give these sites first and later those hosted blog sites. So you lose traffic this way because most people don’t bother to go till the last searched page. They do whatever they have to among the first 10 results only. So to get ahead in that search listing get a professional domain and name your site tactfully so that it also comes up alphabetically as well as reflects your persona.
  • Quality content: Topmost of all the tips is good content. Nothing can compete with good quality content. So pay the maximum attention to your write ups.
  •  Quantity of Content: Make a modest number of “good’ posts not just a few 1 or 2 maybe. To get an approval you need to have a site with regular posts and also those posts all of them should be good. A site with 2 good posts won’t get approval.
Hope this has helped! Do comment on this if you want to ad some more tips! Thank you!

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