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Clean Less, Live More with Mr Muscle®

Posted on the 01 November 2017 by Sallygatez @salaminaM

This post is sponsored by Mr Muscle® It is a known fact that my days are hectic, juggling being a mom, an entrepreneur and school has me exhausted at the end of each day! A few days ago, I had one of the busiest days of my life. After a long day of meetings, production shoots and entertaining my little one, my home wasn’t looking very tidy- like I love it to be. Added to that, we had to host a few friends over for lunch the following day. This meant that I had to wake up early to clean the house and prepare lunch for my guests. Now, the waking up part was a mission I mean I needed my rest! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a morning person. I actually ended oversleeping and had little time to prepare for my guests. Mr Muscle®, my partner, and ally took care of the cleaning part and I got to focus on entertaining my guests. It's amazing how one product can actually cater for all your cleaning needs, that’s what I love about this Mr Muscle® product. As a person who’s very picky about which products to use for cleaning, I am very happy that I got to partner with a brand that I actually believe in. With Mr Muscle® products, you can actually clean different surfaces such as ceramic tiles, granite, stainless steel etc. Check their website to educate yourself more like I did *😉* (http://www.mrmuscleclean.com/en-za)PS: You can get these products at your nearest supermarket -PnP, SPAR, Checkers, Shoprite Checkers, Clicks, Woolworths. Here’s to Cleaning Less and Living more! Clean less, Live more with Mr Muscle®

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