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Comicon 2016

Posted on the 08 June 2016 by Gracem16 @TSITR_Gracie
Hey guys,
On  Friday 27th May I went to Comicon in London with my boyfriend. Held in the Excel center in London, Comicon is an exhibition for anyone. However if you like comics, games, Japanese culture, or just a general mix of geeky items, this is the event for you. It has a general assortment of stalls for you to browse,and has several meetups over the course of three days. Warwick Davis was there on Saturday which we missed out on. It would have been great to meet him though! Prices for admission are generally really good, make sure you book early! I can't remember the exact price,but I think it was about £27? This was only because we got the priority ones, it could be lower than this.
I was honestly so nervous about attending an event like this. Mainly because of my claustrophobia fear, it leads me to have panic attacks and some eczema.Which is why we went on the Friday. We also decided to buy the early priority tickets, because of this problem. Overall, I'm so glad we did, it was a fantastic event and was so well organised. I honestly felt so content, both with the amount of space there was, and how well everything was controlled. I can't speak for the Saturday event though! If you do struggle with claustrophobia, I would recommend the above advice.
If you are thinking of going back in October,(which is the next one) I thoroughly recommend it! There are also a few other Comicon events around the UK later in the year. So you have plenty of options!
As for the stalls, there was a huge selection! We had no set idea of what we did want. This was our first convention, so we were there to just see what we fancied! We sort of felt out of our depth with the amount of selection there was. From Pokemon plushies, to unique art crafted by artists from Canada, to Japanese kitsch, there really was something for everyone. Below I'll list some of the things we did end up purchasing!
Further to this, there are some more "exclusive stalls" such as the Fallout 4 stand; a personal favorite! So when you do arrive, check the book and mark exactly what you want to see. Otherwise, you could end up missing out on a limited edition piece. However, do have a circle around and come back later if you aren't sure. I thought I did really well for what I brought, I'll add some photos below. Although, I could have had some regrettable purchases if I didn't circle around first.
Something else we both remarked on, was the amount of people dressed up. I thought it was fantastic personally, and could really see the amount of time spent on these outfits. We saw a fantastic Flynn Rider and Rapunzel! Be prepared though, some people do like to take it to the extreme.  Maybe I'll end up dressing up in October, who knows?
There was a huge selection of food, both in the Excel center hallway, and in the Japanese section of the exhibition. We however brought our own food, considering a burger was £9- not kidding! If your looking to save more money for the stalls, bring your own!
Some final tips, bring your own money, charge up your camera, have fun, and tell your friends to join you. You'll generally end up spending half the morning there, if you do arrive early. Yet, you could easily make a day of it, it all depends on what experience you are looking to get out of it. One final tip is to bring CASH. The card machine was constantly busy, so take at least £60 with you would be my recommendation.
Here are some photos for you to get an idea of Comicon 2016, till next time!
Gracie xo

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