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My Room Design

Posted on the 15 June 2016 by Gracem16 @TSITR_Gracie
Hey guys,
To me my room is a big deal, although I'm living with my parents at the moment I want this space to be mine to enjoy. My room is a place where I can read, write and enjoy the quieter moments of the day. I've finally reached an aesthetic I'm pleased with and can't wait to share it with you all.
So without further a do, here is what my room looks like (at the moment).

My Room Design

I love small details

I love these small details that you don't often see. On the right - I have a bunch of rolled up posters ready to be put in frames. My metal waste paper basket is from B&M at £5 ish, it was a steal! I have a metal hanging poster that says, "Be yourself everyone else is already taken'. Which I personally love.
 On the left-  I have my Budapest poster, which I got from Budapest itself. It's always nice finding these small trinkets abroad, and this is no exception, My union jack door stop, which my mom brought for me specially. It has a huge emotional significance to it, as it was brought for University. Next to it is my pile of books I've read, and it's growing. Lastly, my penguin draft excluder from Wilkinson's. Always love a good penguin!

My Room Design

Paperchase is great for cute postcards

In this picture on the right- I have my Momiji doll which I collect. They're cute little Japanese dolls, that hide a message in the bottom. My Paperchase postcard which sums up my humor perfectly. 
On the left- I have my empty Bill's lemonade glass. which I normally put a flower in. Finally, my angel decoration, slightly tacky but I quite like it?!

My Room Design

Some finishing touches 

I have a lot of DVD's, but I only keep the one's I love. I also collect Starbucks cups hence why that one is on the shelf. The picture of the two girls is from the hit musical 'Wicked', and I brought this at Comicon the other day! I literally love it.

My Room Design

These are from Poundland. Making them only £1! How crazy is that?

These canvases are so cute! As I've said in the caption these are only £1 from Poundland. I strongly recommend going in there to look for home bits. You can really get some good deals!  There both self explanatory, but Paris is the first one, New York (Empire State Building) being the second,  
Let me know if there's any other parts of my room you'd like to see. These are my particular favorites in this space though! 
Gracie xo

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