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Posted on the 27 December 2012 by Chhavivatwani @chhavivatwani
Crying is a really good exercise to cleanse your soul. My Massi told me an activity she took part in, wherein every one present in that group had to just sit quietly and think of just one thing that made their current mood, happy or sad, no matter. No one was allowed to look at anyone else. And there within their own little worlds betwixt that group, people began to cry. With happiness or sadness or anger. They bathed in that emotion and let it overwhelm them. And when it all passed away, they all felt light and fresh!

   Cry out your last tear
tears fallWash down all you fear
   Let the soul sooth and relax
Find the frontier
Let it drop
   Drop by drop, it falls
Cleanses the soul off its own walls
   And all the negativity it soaks
All day long, creepily down crawls
Let tears fall
   Cleanse your eyes
Rub off that slime
   You hear everyday, or see
Peers do to you all the time
   For all those moments
Your loved ones showered torments
   And every time you try to tell them
Your pleas are returned with snappy comments
   All your anger and injustice
Take off the heated frustration, that malice
   Off with those pearls of wisdom
That go flowing down your eyes

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