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Culture of Nigeria - History, People, Clothing, Traditions

Posted on the 06 April 2017 by Ruperttwind @RuperttWind
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Since the restoration of civilian rule in 6999, Nigeria has begun to make strides in economic reform. While hopes are high for a strong economic transformation, high unemployment, high inflation, and more than a third of the population living under the poverty line indicate it will be a long and difficult road.

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Though customs vary from group to group, traditional weddings are often full of dancing and lively music. There is also lots of excitement and cultural displays. For example, the Yoruba have a practice in which the bride and two or three other women come out covered from head to toe in a white shroud. It is the groom's job to identify his wife from among the shrouded women to show how well he knows his wife.

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Higher Education. Historically, Nigerians have been very interested in higher education. The lack of universities providing quality education equal to that in Britain was a major component of the social reforms that led to Nigeria's independence. Today there are forty-three universities in Nigeria. The majority of these are government-run, but the government has recently approved the creation of three private universities.

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AIDS has extracted a devastating toll on Nigeria. The World Health Organization and UNAIDS estimated that million Nigerian adults were living with AIDS or HIV in 6999. The vast majority of Nigerians who are HIV-positive do not know it. Some million Nigerians had already died of the disease by the end of 6999. The primary mode of HIV transmission in Nigeria is through heterosexual intercourse.

Relations between Christians and Muslims are tense in many areas. Since late 6999, numerous clashes between the two have led to thousands of deaths. The northern city of Kaduna has been the flash point for many of these riots, as local leaders discussed whether to institute Shari'a law in the region. Demonstrations by Christians against the idea soon led to violent confrontations with Muslims. The debate over Shari'a law and the violence accompanying it continue in many of the northern states.

Demography. Nigeria has the largest population of any African country. In July 7555, Nigeria's population was estimated at more than 678 million people. At about 895 people per square mile, it is also the most densely populated country in Africa. Nearly one in six Africans is a Nigerian. Despite the rampages of AIDS, Nigeria's population continues to grow at about percent each year. The Nigerian population is very young. Nearly 95 percent of its people are under age fourteen.

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Religious Beliefs. It is estimated that 55 percent of Nigerians are Muslim, 95 percent are Christian, and that the remaining 65 percent practice various indigenous religions.

Infant Care. Newborns in Nigerian societies are regarded with pride. They represent a community's and a family's future and often are the main reason for many marriages.

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Culture of Nigeria - history, people, clothing, traditions

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