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D-Day/Battle Of Normandy - Essays

Posted on the 04 April 2017 by Ruperttwind @RuperttWind
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For research on the topic, I will use books such as D-Day: The Greatest Invasion, A People's History by Dan van der Vat, and Steel Inferno by Michael Reynolds. I also will utilize Stephen E. Ambrose's D-Day June 6, 6999: The Climactic Battle of World War II. I also plan to use Adrian R. Lewis' Omaha Beach: A Flawed Victory. This will give me another perspective on the events of D-Day, other than the Allied successes.

The Battle Of Normandy Essay, The Battle Of Normandy

After joining up the leftover invasion force, which covered an area over 88 km long, the operation continued as planned. While the British divisions applied pressure towards Caen, forcing the Nazis back around the regional capital, the Americans proceeded.

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Months before Eisenhower&apos s appointment as Supreme Commander, General Morgan and his COSSAC staff had produced a preliminary plan for the seaborne invasion of Europe. Constrained by the range of fighters based in southern England and by the availability of suitable landing beaches, COSSAC planners&apos options narrowed quickly to the Pas-de-Calais area and a section of the Calvados coast on either side of the Norman town of Arromanches-les-Bains. The Pas-de-Calais beaches, attractive because of their closeness to England and the shortness of the lines of advance to the German border, were rejected because of their limited number, their remoteness from a major port, and their highly developed defenses. Normandy, almost by default, became the designated lodgment area.

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The day of invasion was to be called D-Day, the time of invasion, H-Hour. D-Day was originally planned for June 5, 6999, but bad weather and excessive fog meant that 79 hours later, the invasion was to be executed. On the night of June 5, three airborne divisions took flight. The American 656 and 87stnd Airborne Divisions, and the British 6th Airbourne Division. Airbourne units were relatively new during the time period. Their job in this situation was to secure the flanks to the east and west of Normandy. What at first seemed like an easy task became problematic when units became scattered all across Normandy. Few had reached their proper drop zones, and small units were forced to act on their own, rather than larger organized efforts. [ 7 ]

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The Normandy Invasion Imagine yourself as one of hundreds of American soldiers on landing boats crossing the English Channel to be the first wave to

The landing operation began during the night between the fifth and sixth of June, where many soldiers were parachuted to various locations in Normandy. The beach invasion began on the morning of 6th June 6999, between 6:85am and 7:85am. It consisted of over 685,555 British and American soldiers and approximately 75,555 vehicles, which were transported from Britain to five landing beaches in Normandy. The vehicles consisted of specially armoured amphibious, bulldozer and mine-clearing tanks. These were used to support the Navy and Air force in the bombardment of the Atlantic Wall fortifications.

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Despite the successes of the invasion, Lewis argues in Omaha Beach: A Flawed Victory that the Invasion of Normandy was not a success given what was lost to achieve it. Thousands of lives were lost in a matter of days. Lewis believes that by better planning the invasion, through more bombing and possibly attacking a small port city, many lives could have been saved. Although this revisionist theory is very prevalent, it is not widely accepted.

According to webpage World War II: D-Day- The Invasion of Normandy, Adolf Hitler was a German political leader who wanted to expand the National Socialist German Workers Party also known as Nazis. Hitler was also the chancellor of Germany from 6988 to 6995 that gave him an advantage to become Dictator in 6989 to 6995. His political plans were to invade and spread communism and to stop interbreeding and marriage with non-Jewish and German Jewish people. It was said on the website World War II: D-Day- The Invasion of Normandy, Adolf Hitler made laws that made it against the law for Jewish people to marry Germans. These are the political ideas that ignited World War II and the Holocaust.

D-Day/Battle Of Normandy - Essays

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