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Dalton's Part 10

Posted on the 22 May 2014 by Cfohe @FoHe
Despite her own strength, supporting Hunter as they tried to make their way from the building unnoticed was a more difficult task than she had initially bargained for. This whole scenario was just a great reminder of why she didn't date, talk about complicated. As she got him outside she leaned him against the building lettings her eyes take a quick assessment, ensuring he was in one piece. As she lifted her eyes to meet his she found he was staring at her with a blank, if not shocked look on his face. She took a moment to survey herself and realized she was covered from head to toe in blood spatter. Hesitating to speak she tried quickly to formulate a lie in her mind, but she couldn't think of anything that was believable. Lying was a special skill to a Dalton, it came second nature because the truth sounded more absurd than any lie could, and she knew that. "That was so bad ass" he said suddenly and it was her turn to look shocked.
"You and I have a very different idea of that then" she said simply "That was survival plain and simple" She took no pleasure in it, and whether or not it was bad ass seemed irrelevant to her, her mind was set on the task, get the ring, get the boy.
"What the hell were those?" he asked now pushing himself up off the ground and she moved to help him stand again.
"Trust me sweetheart, you don't wanna know" she said. "but come on, lets get you out of here before the rest of them come back" She said. On foot, it was going to be one hell of an escape especially with his current state. If it had been a question of him or her, she might have just left him there, the truth was harsh but it was survival of the fittest. Despite the agonizing time it had taken them to get back into the city limits Lia felt a wave of relief wash over her. Still, she had stopped by the River to wash the blood off her face and hands as to not alarm the people around them, slipping off her jacket she turned her dress backward and placed the jacket back on to hide what blood might have shown through.
"You're pretty skilled at that" Hunter observed and she shrugged her shoulders gently.
"Unfortunately nothing to be proud of" that she had long since learned to hide blood spatter, it made her seem worse, if not the same as a psychopath.
"So much for our first date" he added.
"My first date" she informed him.
"Wait what?"
"It was my first date..."
"Ever?" she nodded to confirm the fact and he looked confused.  "Is that even possible, you're super hot" and the observation caused her to laugh slightly.
"Thanks, I think?" it was a compliment, she knew that well enough but she still was uncertain how to take anything he said. Still she wasn't sure why she'd told him that, he seemed to be thinking about it more than she felt comfortable, she didn't typically like people analyzing things about her, the less people understood her the easier it was to keep them at a distance. The problem now was convincing him what he'd seen wasn't real, or somehow finding an explanation for it that wasn't going to ruin the rest of his life. The supernatural had a habit of doing that, ruining peoples lives and she tried to protect as many people from it as possible. She knew, that it was too late for her and her brothers, but if she could keep the rest of the world out of the life than at least she would have accomplished something.
"Can you at least tell me what that was about?" he asked and she slipped the ring out of her pocket and flashed it quickly.
"I told you, It wasn't mine" she said simply. "People get a little possessive about things like this, apparently it's worth killing for"
"So what? They're like the ring mafia?" he trailed off slightly before he stared at her again "Holy shit, you're a contract killer!" he said as though he'd just unraveled the secrets of the universe. "That's why you're so good at that, you're some kind of professional" he said and she narrowed her eyes in slight confusion. That was the first time anyone had ever thrown that theory out at her but the human mind had a way of pacifying itself, so many he had simply chosen not to remember, or to even see their fangs. It wasn't the worst theory out there, and it certainly gave her an easy enough out, after all when you were in that line of work you sort of needed to stay under the radar.
"And what if I am?" she asked cautiously trying to feel out the situation, was he going to talk to someone about this, if so she was going to do the one thing she'd been trying to avoid, sticking her brothers on him to make sure he didn't talk about any of it. There was a few moments of silence between them before he grinned brightly.
"That's awesome!" and again she rolled her eyes, he really had a horrible concept of what was determined cool in societal standards. Still, it was better than having to explain to him that she'd just slaughtered an entire vampires nest in front of him.
"You need to keep what happened tonight between us" she spoke quickly, she couldn't have word of it getting out to anyone, it would make him a target even after she was gone.
"Right sure, don't want to blow your cover and all that" He said casually and she stopped walking turning quickly she grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him toward her into a nearby alley way before pushing his back against the brick wall in the darkness, her expression threatening as she held her face an inch from his her green eyes glaring into him.
"You breath a word of this or me to anyone and I will singlehandedly make sure you have no more stories to tell, we clear?" her breath was heavy and her voice serious and calm hiding the tremble of fear that was hidden within her mind, the only thing worse than letting one of those bloodsuckers get away was getting caught and locked in either prison or worse a mental institution. Beneath her clenched fists the back of her hands were resting against his chest, she could feel the heavy beating of his heart as his blue eyes searched hers before he let out a gentle breath closing the space between them and capturing her lips against his own in a heated kiss. Was that a yes? God, he was truly infuriating, she could feel her blood boiling as the heat from it rushed to her face, or was that something else? Her grip on his shirt loosened but it wasn't, to her own surprise to pull away. Her hands moved instinctively behind his neck pulling herself closer. For the first time she could remember, she was really truly alone no one was making the decisions now but her. Suddenly his hands, that had been pressed against the wall were on her waist and with ease he lifted her from the ground and turned them both pressing her back now against the wall leaning in and trapping her hips with his as she wound her legs around him. His lips trailed from hers gently across her jaw line until he stopped next to her ear "Lia" he said, his voice was rough, short of breath. I uttered a sound that might have sounded like an acknowledgement but my mind was running full speed, racing almost as quickly as my pulse which quickened as his hand came to rest on my thigh slowly inching its way up. "I'm going to marry you" the laugh escaped her throat maybe too quickly, but she had already gotten a good hold on his warped sense of humor.
"Hunter" she responded her eyes closed as his warm breath against her skin cause her skin to raise her steady breathing followed by a sudden gasp. "Just shut up and kiss me"

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