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Dalton's Part 9

Posted on the 12 November 2013 by Cfohe @FoHe
The abandoned chocolate factory in the warehouse district of town hardly seemed threatening. The purple and white peeling paint from it's exterior suggested it had once been a busy place, admired by people that past by, everyone wondering what secrets were going into their favorite candies. Now, it was just another old building in a decrepit part of a small town that was wasting away as the years went by. As Lia stood on the perimeter she couldn't help but think about the fact that her father had worked in a factory much like this one, working long hours just to make sure she and her siblings never saw a single moment of the hunting business. Instead, here she was, he was dead and she was waiting to take on a nest full of vampires all on her own, it was safe to say she wasn't living his dream. Her green eyes focused on the entrance, she was at a disadvantage once again. The night was when they were at their strongest, and also when they could escape with ease, with no sunlight providing her backup this was a dangerous fight, especially to do alone. Biting her lip in thought she looked for a higher entrance, she wasn't going to just walk in the front of the building after all, they'd see her and it would be game over before she'd even finished formulating a plan. "Fuck it" she muttered and took off quickly toward the building, in a few short leaps she'd pulled herself up the fire escape with little effort before finding a broken window to squeeze through. That seemed irresponsible of them, leaving it exposed but for all she knew, they'd only just arrived here maybe they hadn't had time to put the place on lock down, which was currently to her benefit. Her feet landed on the floor with a thud as the dust kicked up around her boots. She held her breath for a moment as the sound echoed through the hall, she waited but no sound headed in her direction. With that, she turned and hurried the the lowest part of the building. They preferred the ground floor, less sunlight, easier to contain, and it was a lot easier to see potential threats coming. Sometimes she wondered how she had learned to think like a monster, where they went, how they planned, it was all permanently placed in the front of her mind for recall so that in situations like this, she could get her man out alive. Not that he was her man, she shook her head clear of any thoughts of Hunter, it was just an expression she needed to focus. Finding the nearest stair case she kept her back pressed against the wall as she descended towards the sounds. The further down she got, the louder the murmers became. She stopped suddenly her breath catching in her throat as a voice erupted clearly from the noise.
"Kalika don't eat that" the voice said with annoyance. Closing her eyes Lia tried to picture their placements around the room, the way the voices were projecting, the sounds bouncing off the walls gave her a vague idea of how many were in there, they were gathered around something their voices were coming from far too many directions to be in one area of the room.
"Why...what's it going to do? Kill me?" a girls voice asked bitterly as Lia heard the sound of tearing wrappers. She was eating the chocolate, well that thought was unappetizing."Besides I wouldn't if you let me sink my teeth into him"  her voice shifted, she had turned her head toward something. Hunter, they had him in there.
"Not yet" the voice warned and it almost sounded like a growl escaped the man. "He was the barer of the ring, he is to be unharmed for now! He's leverage"
"For what? I thought we only needed the ring. We have the ring" the girls voice was whiny the type of girl who made Lia  want to smash their heads into the wall when she heard them whining at their boyfriends. If this girl couldn't take care of herself she had certainly chosen the wrong creature to become, especially with hunters like her out there.
"To activate we need a human to willing put the ring on... do you have another idiot human stashed away for us?" his voice was condescending at best and caused Lia to rolled her eyes, it was like a flashback to training with her grandfather. "No one touches him, that's an order" the man said as she heard him walkaway, a door slamming behind him. She moved closer to the door, catching her sleeve on an outstretched nail from the wall and she froze as she felt it tear at her skin. A suddenly silence came from the room and Lia knew they'd smelled the blood. Her plan was all shot to hell now, so she turned the corner charging into the room with an all to assured confidence.
"Blood and Chocolate? Thought that was a werewolf thing" she joked twirling the machete in her hand trying to keep her nerves at bay. Each time she got into a situation like this, it always ended badly for someone, and it was usually never for herself. Her eyes were on Hunter, in the distance, tied up to a chair in the corner, his head slumped over his chest, unconscious. She tried to do the weight math, could she carry him out of there if she needed to? She wasn't so sure at this point but it was something she was going to have to worry about later.
"Come here for you boyfriend?" a voice challenged  "Sorry we think we'll keep him, look at that strength he'd make a perfect addition" the whiny girl said her red eyes flashing dangerously.
"Oh sweetheart you picked the wrong hunter to piss off" Lia said simply besides she was there for the ring, and also Hunter but she needed to find out where they had the ring before she went into full on rescue mode. "I'm here for a little piece of jewelry of mine you stole. Look, hand them over and I walk away" it was a promise she'd never made a creature before, an offer she would likely never make again in fact, it was still up in the air now whether or not she would keep her word on that.
"And if we don't?" the question caused a confident smirk to settle on he lips.
"Then I slaughter you all and burn you to the ground" she watched them carefully and she could sense fear rising in the room, they knew she could do it. As her eyes took them in she did the math, there were about five of them, of the four girls two of them were newborns, so was the boy, the other two girls had a little more experience on their side but still, nothing compared to what Lia had taken care of in the past. This was her first strike alone, but what was a handful of Vampires against her experience.
"You sound pretty sure of yourself little girl" the eldest one taunted but Lia knew she had the advantage already they were all staring at her arm, concentrating on the blood, she had their attention, for now.
"That's because I am" she said lunging forward she had started the war with the first move now they were coming at her. She ducked quickly sliding beneath them turning and swinging the machete to catch the head of the eldest from behind. She twirled then catching another girl watching her collapse to the ground before the youngest three backed away despite the obvious blood lust in their eyes. "I told you to walk away" Lia said sadly but the sound of waking caught her attention off guard. It was her first mistake as the whiny girl charged at her knocking her to the ground. Lia lost hold of her knife but lifting her arms above her head brought her elbows down hard on the vampires' arms and flipped the both of them over before managing to get hold of her knife again. She raised her arm to swing it down just as she felt someone's grip closing around her wrist and yanking her back. The second girl was fighting back now. Lia fought the grip and lifted her boot swinging her leg around to sweep the creature's out and knock her to the ground. "Why can't you ever just play nice" she said sounding almost bored with the situation before she took the creatures head off with one swoop and swung her arm back just in time to do the same to the whiner who had managed to get herself back off the ground. "Anyone else?" she asked but the only one left in the room was the boy, the newborn. Her eyes took him in for a moment, he was the only one who hadn't attacked her, even at the scent of blood. A pang of sympathy hit her. "Go! You won't get this chance again" She told him and watched as he stumbled to his feet and headed towards the door. Her eyes then settled to Hunter who had fully woken up by now and was staring at her in shock. Well, she was hoping he was going to have been passed out for that, now she had some explaining to do. Hurrying over to him she untied his restraints. "The ring where is it?" she asked and he just stared at her before he nodded his head to the side. She looked at the table where the ring was sitting in the center and she moved quickly to pocket it before helping Hunter up from the chair. "We have to!" 

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