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Day 11: Skeleton

Posted on the 18 June 2012 by Avocado @90dayavocado

It's all about outlines. Also known as a 'skeleton', which sounds cooler.
I have a major problem. I have a good idea, write a really great chapter, and then...there is nothing but a vast empty space, void of all idea or hope of continuation. I always get stuck after a writing spell, unsure of where the plot is even going. So I've decided a new method that I have no idea why I didn't try earlier.
Outlining the story.
Which is similar to storyboarding, really. Only outlines are more black and white, whereas storyboards are more fun and filled with pictures which always makes things easier to follow :)
So, along with the storyboard method, I've begun an outline. It's pretty successful so far - I still run into little rutters, not knowing what to do next with my ideas; but at least at this point, if I'm stuck or want to change something, all I have to do is erase a sentence instead of a whole chapter.
Day 11: Skeleton
Outlines are flexible like that.
Once I've completed the outline, I'll have a much better idea of the plot, characters, geography, and everything in general that is a part of the world I wish to create. One day at a time, I form new ideas. One day at a time, I'm able to flesh out the skeleton. Soon my story will be a full-blown entity with voting rights - just like a corporation!
But unlike a corporation, my story will be more fun and easier to manage. You'll love it.
Outlining really is a solid method. The more you add to it, the more the skeleton can be realized into a functioning piece of literary anatomy. Then it can be given flesh, skin, a nice hairdo, and best of all, a personality. Here's to hoping I get that far in the next 80 days.
Until then, stay beautiful!

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