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Day 2 #15 Habits With Jeff Goins

Posted on the 07 June 2012 by Shawndrarussell
So we are supposed to marinate on the fact that we are a writer today. I marinate best when I write in stream of consciousness and just get out how I'm feeling. So, here goes.
Naturally, when I think about the fact that I am REALLY, TRULY an author, I think about the future. I have always been type A, sort of obsessive crazy driven. I have actually turned off more than one person because of my intensity (I secretly think that I just make lazy and disorganized people feel guilty, but that's there problem, not mine).
Anyway, I love goals. I love setting them attached to deadlines and meeting, preferably exceeding, them. I envision a day when I get to write novels most of the day, plus time left over to write fabulous magazine articles, blog posts and help other businesses thrive.
I currently have a schedule to write at least 4 books per year. Some people might look at my year-long calendar and think I'm a lunatic, and that's okay. Some of these books may just be shorter eguides about writing or life. Others may be super-fun women's fiction titles that I write in a two week burst like my soon-to-debut novel, Couple Friends (with lots of editing afterwards, of course).
These novels are on top of my ideally 120 billable client hours (I'm at 90 right now) and the "unpaid" stuff like writing blog posts, learning, marketing myself, and meetings upon meetings with new potential clients.
So far, I have 2 books finished for 2012 and have the other 2 outlined to an extent because a good outline is key to high production word count days in my opinion.
Anyway, when I marinate, I guess I think in terms of my to-do list. Sure, that may be a negative and in some ways hinder my creative process, but that's why I have things like this fabulous #15habits assignments to sort of disappear into, even if just for 15 minutes. Thanks Jeff!

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