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Day 36: Without a Net

Posted on the 13 July 2012 by Avocado @90dayavocado

I've found it. The best guide on how to not get writer's block!

It's from J. Joseph Wright, author of a new eBook Tribe of the Teddy Bear.
The article (And information about this awesome author) can be found here:
Basically, you just have to "write without a net". That is, no outlines or brainstorms. Just sit down and write. Which is something I desperately needed to see! I always knew that I should do something like this, but just to see an author blatantly post this idea was the icing on the cake. It's such a great way to get your ideas out! And it also helps to end writer's block!
Day 36: Without a Net
Like he says in the article, writer's block comes when you attempt to write, edit, and re-write the same thing over and over. Then you're just stuck and don't know where to go from there. So instead, just take the idea you want to write, sit at your computer or with your notebook, stare at the blank page, and fill it. Then fill another. Then another. Until suddenly it's 3 AM and you've filled over 60 pages of the very thing you once had writer's block for!
It's quite an amazing idea, really.
I'm going to attempt it today, and hope that it works for me. It seems like something that will. I just need to stop crossing myself and saying "no, that won't work, that's dumb, let's start over". It doesn't matter. Nobody's going to see it but you! So just write!
Thanks Mr. Wright for your wonderful insight. I think this idea will work for everyone.
Get ready to have sore hands and wrists!

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