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Day 5: Symbology

Posted on the 12 June 2012 by Avocado @90dayavocado

Day 5: SymbologySymbols are fun, and necessary in many different genres. Symbols give a sense of depth and importance to a certain aspect of your story. Think of the symbol of the deathly hallows from Harry Potter. I don't know about you, but as soon as that symbol started to become popular, about 1/4 of my friends suddenly got that symbol tattooed on their body. Pretty powerful stuff!
I've created some of my own symbols for my story. Some are completely made up random sketches, while others are inspired by some sort of historical or mythological symbol.
It's really great to be inspired by history or mythology, because there is no one way to interpret its events. Think of how many times heraldic symbols have been used in fantasy stories. How many times have stories involved dragons, and how many of those dragons have been different? Everyone imagines the word "dragon" differently.
Now back to more basic symbology. My story involves three warring guilds, and what's a guild without its symbol? I was on this great website I found called Official Seal Maker, and after playing around with it I was able to create some symbols I thought matched the lore of the guilds I'm creating. Now, as a disclaimer, just like the Hero Machine, I do not own the software nor the images for creating this stuff. It's free to use as long as you refer back to it!
I'll display the symbols here, and if you want more information about them, please visit the About My Book tab. It will be updated soon to provide some more of my story's lore!
Day 5: SymbologyFirst Guild - inspired by Arabian mythology and ancient Persia
Day 5: SymbologySecond Guild - inspired by Ancient Greek mythology and culture
Day 5: SymbologyThird Guild - inspired by Norse mythology
Well that's it for Day 5, thanks again for reading, and have a wonderful day! See you tomorrow!

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