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Day 7: Thrones Of Servants

Posted on the 07 April 2012 by Sarahkasm @Sarahkasm
Once upon an era
The religion of submission
Suffered the errors
Of dormant humanity
And the people who tried following it
Were under the control
Of people who assumed the role
Of rulers,
But really,
They were just corruption in disguise.
This is not a reference to the 21st century,
Or the twentieth or even the eighteenth.
Roll the tape of history back to
The first century
The chairs of the wise were turned into thrones of fools
And simple caliphate houses furnished for extravagance
Between the prophet's years,
And the Romanesque conquests
Of time-distant princes
Apparently power and money corrupt
Demonstrated as such by the lineage of the unjust
They had security forces,
Like the ones today
And they were feared
Because national security
Equaled the emperor's name
No complaints could be spoken
Without praises to the cause:
Enemies to men of God
Poverty flourished
When the reserves of
The Public Funds
Were malnourished
Roles reversed
The ones under power were the ones who were cursed
And the ones in power were blessed with
A hedonistic
Life on earth
Perhaps they forgot the heavens
Were for just servants of the public good
Power must corrupt
The insatiable Nafs
For heaven does not seem enough
Once upon an error
The religion of submission
Was taken as
Submission of religion
To material ambition
For a decent living
Is this history taken as a warning
Or mere storytelling and fortune telling?
Day 7: Thrones Of Servants-------
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