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[October 31]: Wake Me Up Before You Leave, October

Posted on the 31 October 2012 by Sarahkasm @Sarahkasm
Here is the reality:
You cannot plan your dreams

Be truthful:When you go to sleep,Can you control what you see?Can you dictate your dreams To your subconscious?Be truthful:If you are able to change the courseOf the speeding car you're in,Before it rolls off the cliff;If you can fall downPast a hundred stories,Very, very slowly,Your feet landing lightly on the ground;If you can clothe your naked selfMiraculously in the midst of a crowd Before they see you exposed;If you can arrive on time,Despite being hours late andIf you find your dying friendHas come alive and well,Stronger than when you found him,Instantly so;Be truthful:If you can control your dreams,It is because you know You are dreaming.So how far can you goIf you realize your realityAnd want to change it?What sort of control do you have,And how asleep are you really?Because here is the reality:You cannot plan your dreamsWhile you're asleep.


October Poetry: in the style of April Poetry (U.S. National Poetry Month),U.K’s poetry month is October.
Personal Mission: 31 days, 31 poems.
Challenge Accepted.
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