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Dear 2015

Posted on the 30 December 2015 by Chasingjoy @chasing_joy
Yearly recap, 2015 Dear 2015,
I am not even sure what I want to say to you.  I had very high expectations for you.  Now as we prepare to say goodbye in 48 hours I feel that you let me down.  You really dropped the ball  right at the end when you were in position to leave me on a high note, to leave me as a winner.  2015 you were supposed to be the real MVP but then you fumbled on the 5 yard line.  SMH.  Perhaps I am judging you to harshly as the last few weeks, with the exception of Christmas Day have been particularly hard.  Let's look back on our time together least I judge you inaccurately.
We started out strong in January with plans to make me a mom this year.  A Single Mother By Choice actually.  Things started out good with good results on all of my fertility tests in the first quarter of the year.  Followed by less than good news on midyear fertility tests where a thyroid issue and pre-diabetes were detected.  This news sucked!  However 2015, I would be remiss, if I did not thank you for alerting me to this issues before they caused me any ill feelings or side-effects.  Back to baby making: several IUI's and 9 months of being focused on becoming a mom and 2015 you are leaving me still very much not-pregnant.
2015, I admit the not being pregnant thing has left a bad taste in my mouth.  However, although no  life has been created within me our year has not been void of creation.  The Chasing Joy Inspirational T-shirt line was created this year.  2015 you get a gold star for this one as this has been the significant milestone in the transition from Chasing Joy personal blog to Chasing Joy happiness and inspirational lifestyle brand.
2015 you did a pretty good job in the memory making department this year.  The quality time spent with my mom has been great.  Weekend trips to AC, overnight in Baltimore and the Poconos, The PA Ballet, The Nutcracker, the Lion King,  birthdays and Christmas were all highlights of our time together.
2015 you taught me a very important lesson on how to be strong in my beliefs and techniques for carving out a joyful life for myself.  You showed me the bizarre ways Chasing Joy can cause others to lash out when your pursuit of happiness challenges their views of how you fit into their life.  You brought me closer to some people and protected me through distance from others.
My relationship with God has been more at ease this year.  Not that it was ever bad or distant, but 2015, you took me to church more frequently than ever in my entire life.  Dare I say I am a regular church goer now with many Epic Tales to share.  This is a blessing 2015.
I have witnessed several friends struggle this year.  It seems that I have not been the only one you have treated harshly at times this year, 2015.  But in those moments you have also allowed me to extend my friendship in meaningful ways and for that,2015, I am grateful.  On the flip side you have treated other friends quite well.  There was a wedding and an adoption was finalized.  It especially gave me Joy when my friend's daughter's adoption was finalized as I know the yearning of motherhood and that it does not always come easy.
2015 you did keep things interesting by introducing me to a few new things.  Bowling challenged me to stick to something that I was not good at.  Church Life Groups  taught me how to let something go when it is not a good fit.  Acupuncture has taught me how far I  am willing to go for my future bundle of joy.
On the business side, you have laid a pretty good foundation for  me 2015.  At the day job I have played an important role in providing a supportive team structure with a whole new group of people.  With Chasing Joy you have given me hope, a business coach, and even a blueprint for turning my passion into real income.
2015, I guess you weren't that bad.  I did set the standard pretty high and you did let me down on the motherhood front.  But all in all you gave me much to be grateful for like family, friends, faith, optimism about my future, focus related to my blog, and an overall feeling that things will get better.
It has definitely been real 2015.  Goodbye.
What would you write in your goodbye letter to 2015?  Was this a good year for you or was it challenging?

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