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Dear 2016

Posted on the 01 January 2016 by Chasingjoy @chasing_joy
Dear 2016 Dear 2016,
Welcome!  I am very happy to have you. I welcome you with open arms and optimism.  I am excited for the fresh start that a new year brings.
2016 I don't have a lot of plans for you.  I am trying something a little different this year. I am approaching our time together with a bit of a blank slate.  With your predecessors  2014 and 2015 I began our relationships with great expectations for love, weight loss, motherhood, financial success, etc and they fell short.  They did not live up to my expectations, so for you 2016 I am not entering into our time together with any expectations.  Now 2016 that does not mean that I won't have goals or make plans.  But those goals and plans will be based upon things other than your arrival and departure, 2016.  These goals and plans will be based on other milestones and cover a shorter time period.
2016, I am viewing our time together without any constraints.  This means I am open to whatever you have to offer.  I am allowing you to write your own position description.  I will be open to new ideas, new experience and new people.
2016, my hope is that by welcoming you without expectation and in a spirit of openness, that when our time together has concluded I will be healthier, happier, and more fulfilled due to our time together.
Here's to a wonderful year together 2016!!!
What would you say in a letter to 2016?  Are you entering the new year with expectations?  Would your letter to 2016 include a list of resolutions?

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