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Posted on the 08 December 2013 by Leah-Jlynn @Leah_Jamielynn


This picture was taken from a road trip. This trip happen not long ago. I thought I’d share it .

Because, when I ‘m on trips , i’am usually not driving . Not, because I’m a bad driver . But. because, I don’t like music when I’m driving. Why? I like to hear what’s going on. Like , sirens , horns and etc.

Once, when I was younger , I had my music on full blast. Which , at the time wasn’t bad. However , I hindered the ambulance behind me. Though , not for long. Because, of  the fact, I quickly moved to the side, turning my music down. Hence, I keep music off !

Well, let’s move on. I just wanted ya’ll to know I was not driving, as I took this picture and lot of others. Which, this post is nothing about.But, this post is about, using a new app I found, via some photographers from: ProjectLife365. A community, with prompts for artist & photographer.

It’s a place I join for inspiration from time to time. So, through that experience , I found PicTapGo. a fun app, that gives me control of  how, I want my photographs to look. Because it has over  ten filters to choose from. I used: Brooklyn,  for the above photo. Which is a photo of an antique shop, that is use to be a gas station.

We, found it, in a town, that seems to have done a great job of persevering all of it’s vintage buildings. They, have done this, by utilizing all of it’s buildings with other businesses .

Which, makes this photo fitting to use for this app. Because, I also used it’s cropping. This gives me a vintage, cinema frame. That, I found it  has been used by a few Igers and photographers I follow.  ( I’am using the urbane dictionary , definition. It’s funny, and untrue.)  

Just so, you all know, the  photo crops and  loads of filters  are part of the package. You, won’t have to pick a package and pay 99 cents more. Thus, far,it’s all been one rate.

You also, get four extra filters, once you, like them, on:  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. well, That’s it. good night, have fun and document through photographs. ~Leah

Also, God Bless and be safe.

Please bare with me, as i start my post from my phone and than, to a very small screen of a  computer. So, there may be some editing mistakes that need to be done. Don’t forget , I need glasses, too :)

Document. 365. Safely

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