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Doggie's Mexican Chow: Affordable and Delicioso!

Posted on the 15 April 2013 by Ophine @TheJosephine
I'm such a huge fan of anything Mexican! When I was younger, my family and I usually go to this small Mexican fastfood along Makati Avenue called Miggy's. Famous for its chimichangas, nachos and tacos, my love for hot and zesty onions and tomatoes all started there! When their Makati branch closed down sometime in early 2000s, nothing lives up to my expectations same as what Miggy's offered.

Fast track to 2013, a blogger friend of mine, Aldous Calubad invited me for a food tasting event at Burgundy Corporate Tower located at Makati City. He told me not to expect something grand or anything since we are visiting a food stand only. I have nothing against that, I'm after with how I'll experience the food afterwards. Truth be told, this food stand deserves their own place!!! =)

Doggie's Mexican Chow: affordable and delicioso!

Doggie's Mexican Chow! FYI: not for pooches, for human gustation only.

Doggie's Mexican Chow is the brainchild of partners in life, Angel Kho and Fredrik Spangler. Their love for Mexican food has made them venture out into the business world by putting up a food cart.

Why Doggie's?There's a story behind it. Angel grew up with a love for cute stuffed animals. She had this cute little  stuffed dog eversince. She said that whenever she's too stressed out or something, a little hug to her cute stuffed dog will take it all away! That is why she wants to share the comfort by putting up a good comforting food through Doggie's Mexican Chow!

Doggie's Mexican Chow: affordable and delicioso!Angel and Fred wanted an authentic Mexican servings at an affordable price which is kind of difficult to find here in the Philippines. A food cart is a good start for their business plans in the future.

THEIR MENUDoggie's Mexican Chow: affordable and delicioso!
First on our table is their colorful and appetizing Nachos. Oozing with melted cheese, tomatoes and ground beef can't make me stop munching on this!

Doggie's Mexican Chow: affordable and delicioso!
Another fave of mine are their Potato Wedge Supreme. Fried until golden brown and until it reached its right crispiness, drizzled with yummy melted cheese, tomatoes and ground beef is just perfect!
Doggie's Mexican Chow: affordable and delicioso!

Their Chicken and Steak Quesadillas are to die for!! This soft shelled tacos is just cheesy up to the last bite! Oooh I really want more of this!!

Doggie's Mexican Chow: affordable and delicioso!
Yummy and cheesy Soft Tacos with a twist! Inside are your usual lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, ground beef and all. They added mangoes in it for added sweetness. 

Doggie's Mexican Chow: affordable and delicioso!Their Crunchy Hard Shell Tacos is just delicious! Infused with a lot of cheese, ground beef, lettuces and sour cream really made me drool!

Doggie's Mexican Chow: affordable and delicioso!A Mexican treat will not be complete without a fabulous burrito! Their Burrito (Chicken and Steak) is just perfect for your hungry pit. One big wrap of this surely will go a long way. I had mine in half but I was already full! In the future, they're planning on using yellow rice instead of the white rice for more flavor and more appetizing looking.

Doggie's Mexican Chow: affordable and delicioso!

Last but not the least! Something sweet would cap the night off. Their lovely Champurrado is just awesome! With added flavors of cinnamon and vanilla makes the traditional more wonderful and savory to taste!

So whenever you're around Makati CBD, do drop by at Burgundy Corporate Tower and have a visit at Doggie's Mexican Chow! Don't worry, Angel and Fred are planning on branching out the soonest so you'll see more of them in the future!

Doggie's Mexican Chow

Burgundy Corporate Tower
Ground Floor Court, Gil Puyat Ave. 
Makati City
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page: HERE

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