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Doggies Juica.

Posted on the 30 October 2012 by Threesixfive @MamaChaser
Doggies Juica.
My funny little man, who was bottle fed expressed milk a handful of times, feeding his doggy some 'juica' from the bottle...and yep he's been known to lift up his tops and try to feed them 'nilk' a few times, too ;).  I've been noticing that lately Roman has become so much more caring (minus the few sharing issues he has with other children) and nurturing. I also like to think this is because I let him be whatever he wants to be, as much as I can. I don't tell him to stop behaving certain ways unless he's being aggressive and even then it's a mostly gentle approach where things are explained. If he wants to put on my clothes or run around naked...I let him. If he wants to parade around with my handbags on shoulder, that's fine by me too. I never tell him to stop behaving like a little girl or a 'jessie' - I hate that word so much. And anyway: what's wrong with behaving like a girl? Girls are pretty wonderful, actually.  I've talked at length about my methods to dealing with upset children and gentleness, with a big helping of patience, is the one sure fire method of navigating the emotions of children. They need time, a lot of it. They need our presence, our touch, our reassurance and sometimes everything has to be put on hold so we can give it. Bryan falls naturally into the patterns and heart beat of my desires regarding this and that makes me happy. To know that not only Roman is being shaped and moved by the method I choose to practice but that my husband is, too and it reminds me of one thing: he needs the same things, too. I'm trying so hard but it sometimes feels easier to raise my voice in defence or snap back something cheeky to him...but for the sake of Roman, for the sake of him keeping the gentle balance in this household I know I need to try harder.

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