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Don’t Panic…It’s Under Control

Posted on the 01 July 2012 by Lynne @lynneknowlton
Don’t Panic…It’s Under Control

This would make a GREAT treehouse poster !!

Before you look any further, you must really read this post Treehouse + Squirrel = TROUBLE  so we can be playing with the same squirrel deck.

You should know the ‘big picture’ about our treehouse scandalmonger.

Our treehouse squirrel is a buttinsky. A mischief maker.  A ruffian in the trees. He marches proudly along the porch, with nuts in his mouth, and fists full of dirt.

Dirt from my daisy pots.

Yes, he pitches that dirt…. stares at me….and flicks his tail.

Don’t Panic…It’s Under Control

Then he smiles a squirrel smile.


 He sings too.

” I’m the king of the Castle, and you’re the dirty rascal….tra-la-la-la-la-lahhh “

Don’t Panic…It’s Under Control

Clearly our Treehouse protector needs to be FIRED.

TIME HEALS ALL ……they say.

What the what-what-what ?!

What idiot made up that saying?

Who is ‘they‘?

I want to meet them and tell them that they are stupid.

Then punch them in the face.

With a squirrel.


Don’t Panic…It’s Under Control

What is the treehouse ruffian up to these days?

**nut throwing

**potted plant digging

** porch rail pouncing

** daisy pot disrupting

** treehouse porch marching

** wise guy prancing

** potting soil pitching

 He is an all around treehouse trasher of a hellion.

He digs holes in the potted treehouse daisies and hides his nuts.

I’m not gonna lie. I want to hide his nuts too.

He stares at me with a look on his face that says ‘whaaaaaatup lady??’

Don’t Panic…It’s Under Control

Dude, throw me another one, I’m holding her camera down !!

There isn’t any room for potting soil in the daisy pots anymore.

Or daisies. They are dead.

He pee’d in them.

 Mr. tough guy  just THROWS the dirt all over the treehouse porch. He stands there and literally pitches it across the steps.  He might be smiling when he does it.

 In fact, I’m certain he can *smirk*.

Don’t Panic…It’s Under Control

We need to show him our treehouse ‘BACKSIDE’

He was misled when he was born. Someone told him he was a groundhog.

If I was his mother...when he was born….I would have named him ASS.

What I need is a treehouse whisperer. Someone who can talk to the squirrels.

In squirrel language.

I need a whisperer who can talk the language of jerk face.

How to Tame A Squirrel :

Don’t Panic…It’s Under Control

The Treehouse Whisperer


All of the mother nature squirrel photos are from a website I stumbled on when I was goofing off working on the inter-web-universe called Buzz Feed . Very cool photos!  Wait until you see the shark photo. You will never want to swim again.  Just sayin’.

AND you will think I am a suck for complaining about an evil squirrel.

Don’t Panic…It’s Under Control

No, No…don’t shoot. I promise I didn’t eat your mattress.

I better get a grip {on my gun.}

Jokes jokes.

I’m going to buy a gun. I don’t own a gun.

 I think I need to become a sharpshooter.

My bad.

 I used my outside voice again.


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