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Posted on the 16 January 2013 by Killmenow @lbigfoot

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Mary, an angry housewife met her husband, Mark, at the front door and immediately noticed he smelled of alcohol and perfume. He was obviously drunk.


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“I assume,” Mary said with her most acidic sarcasm, “that there must be a very good reason for your coming home at six o’clock in the morning with booze on your breath and another woman’s perfume all over you?”

“There is,” Mark said. “I’d like breakfast.”

Credit to my brother for sending me this joke.

The image is from a British comic strip named Andy Capp. It was originally published in The Daily Mirror and The Sunday Mirror newspapers. Andy is a working class figure who never actually works, living in Hartlepool, a harbor town in northeast England. The title of the strip is a pun, a perfect phonetic rendition of that region’s pronunciation of the word “handicap”. Andy drinks all day and all night and always comes home drunk and late to his angry wife Flo who supports him and is a housewife as well. He would probably be saying “Kill Me Now!”

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