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Drunken Mosquito

Posted on the 18 April 2013 by Lalita Deshmukh @Lalita22march
Drunken MosquitoHey everyone, hope you all are enjoying the stories.
Today's story is about my board exam days.
When I was in 12th standard I became completely a bookworm, I prefer late night studies. Night lamp, books and me. Well I was a commerce student.
One night when I was studying. I remember I was preparing for some theory paper. I was that much engrossed with my book that I wasn't conscious about what's going around me.
Suddenly something dropped to my book; I was not getting what it is? Than I closely watched out he was a insect but I was not able to understand what insect is this? I was trying to recognizing it. It was a small mosquito which is not able to fly because of his tummy is full of my yummy blood. His stomach was completely red. His stomach formed a circle he was that much drunk.
His flying was like a fully drunk person who is not able to walk properly. So many time's he try's to fly but again and again he dropped down to my book. At last he fatigued and was rolling on my book.
I was laughing on that drunken mosquito; who enjoyed my blood and became a sot.
Oh my gosh it was a hilarious night because I was wondering which kind of insect is this; I have never seen it before but lately I got to know that it's a mosquito.
Oki Bloggies stay healthy and enjoy the day..... :)

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