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Entry #24 – More Flat Hunting!

Posted on the 10 October 2012 by Harper


Dear Diary,

Again, I went to look for more flatmates and flats. This time I bought along 2 friends to check out the flats with me.

I’m actually really excited about this whole thing. Meeting new people, looking at a place to live next year, hanging around friends, it’s all so good!

The first flat we visited today was good, really good. But there was four 3rd year girls and a 4th year guy. I mean, I wouldn’t mind living with more girls but since they’re older than me, it seems like I would not be their equal, like I’d always be the child/kid of the flat. They seem like good enough people and stuff, and the flat is in really good condition, but I’m not going to live with people older than me.

The second flat wasn’t as good as the first – it had poor location, and just overall the flat wasn’t as clean and warm and homely as the first flat. The people were really good though. There’s 4 girls from Selwyn and one guy from Wellington (which I didn’t meet) and I got along really well with the 4 girls. They seem like a fun bunch of people and if we flatted, it’d probably work out quite well. None of us know how to cook and we’re all second years, but we can all learn and stuff. It’s just the flat – I’m the 6th person and I’d get a sleep out. I mean like, it’d be cool and stuff, but this is Dunedin! It gets really cold, and I’d seem like the odd one out because they all know each other. I’d be like the 6th wheel in their group.

Choices, choices. It’s all so hard. This decision will pretty much determine my year next year. Will I study? Will I drink? Will I have fun? I don’t really want to focus too much on studying next year – more on the having fun part. That’s why I’m going to flat with random people I don’t know.

Yours, -Harper

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