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Entry #25 – Postgraduate Medicine Entry

Posted on the 11 October 2012 by Harper


Dear Diary,

Okay, well I met up with the Health Sciences Department and the lady said that I had to pick a degree and study it for another 2 years before I get another chance to apply into Medicine. That’s quite unfortunate – I would have really liked to become a doctor sooner, but I guess I have so many life lessons to learn that staying in University for 2 extra years won’t hurt.

This has been a weird year – I would have never thought it would go like this. I guess nothing is what you expect it to be. I’m still hurting from the breakup 3 months ago. Still really hurting actually – I can no longer go to the common room in fears of seeing my ex and my friend together on the couch. I just hurts too much. And so, I have to resign to my room everyday and just do nothing – waste time. Yea, I don’t really know why I do this. I shouldn’t be scared to go to the common room, but it just hurts too much that I can’t make myself go there.

It’s kinda stupid really – all my friends hang out in the common room, playing pool and stuff, but when they go I just say nah and stay in my room. If only my ex knew how much she hurts me when I see them together snuggling on the couch.

I hope their relationship fails spectacularly. That’s all I can say – I know I shouldn’t really care but I cannot contain my hate for my friend for doing this to me. I’m pretty sure it’s a rebound relationship, but it could be real. Who knows. Only time can tell.

Yours, -Harper

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