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Posted on the 06 April 2017 by Ruperttwind @RuperttWind
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So I embarked on a series of unhealthy behaviours. I dieted serially sometimes South Beach, other times Atkins. Once, in desperation, I tried a diet that had me eating pineapples all day.

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I still think of the pool in Lakewood as Emmett's pool. He kept it hot and after his heart valve replacement surgery walked along the short side of the shallow end for hydrotherapy. I think about sitting with his coffin in the basement of the funeral home and how I spent most of my allotted hour agonizing over the question of whether or not to open the coffin to see his body one last time.

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Snow is right: slowing sight way down so our dog can walk us in. Her stepping clears us to each other. If it snowed all night the neighborhood is buried, awake. We go between two streets into the clutching trees and I lose her for a second.

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The cow had been treated for pneumonia and was lying on her side in the mucky pen. "One thousand pounds down," I thought. Her breath was white vapor around her snout. "Labored breathing," someone said. She grew quiet and still and then shuddered and relaxed. "Might not make it," said the camp director who'd been called over by a counselor. "That cow's dead," I thought. "Might not make 'till evening," he said.

My husband, who was not yet my husband or even a boyfriend, sent me one's book when it was first published. It was my junior year, and I was in Paris pretending to study photography. Really I was smoking hash and living with my boyfriend who was working at international law firm and studying for the LSATs.

The rules of beauty are strict and it&rsquo s almost impossible to win. Anushka Sharma has been skinny-shamed, Sonakshi Sinha has been fat-shamed, Katrina Kaif has been fit-shamed. These are women who are and always have been staggeringly beautiful.

A lack of childcare changes The Book of Nothing. Lessens it. Increases its appeal. The baby still puts things in his mouth and cannot be trusted.

To any women reading this who may believe that I am speaking here only of a negligible subset of men x7568 the Creepy Guys, the lecherous, unethical ones you wouldn&apos t want to date anyway x7568 I must, with regret, disillusion you: The Creepy Guys and the Nice Guys are exactly the same guys. Nice Guys are simply the guys who have successfully concealed their creepiness. And it gets tiresome and lonely having to maintain this facade of decency in front of all womankind.

If this sentence controls the paragraph that follows, then all sentences in the paragraph must relate in some way to fast food, profit, and "forget sauce":

Character - representation of a person, place, or thing performing traditionally human activities or functions in a work of fiction

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