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Everything Happens For A Reason, Surprisingly

Posted on the 09 September 2012 by Piaiamps @pemarikresta

We all know that old saying when luck turns against us; like when we fail in an exam, go bankrupt or lost someone we love. People around us, including ourselves, would always say, "everything happens for a reason." It’s become an automatic reaction, some form of a defense mechanism, to maybe lessen the pain we're feeling.
I am not going to share a story of agony; I think I’ve fairly revealed a lot. Yesterday was just another day but somehow fate meant it to be that way, for a lot of reasons - and I loved it!
No shoes available for my size. Days ago, papa gave us a little budget for our shoe cravings. He's too kind, I know. So yesterday after we had our lunch, my sister and I went to a department store to make good of the money I had (she already bought something way ahead). I instantly fell for the shoes displayed on one corner, then on another and another. It was unbelievable. I've never liked a lot of shoes in one shopping day haha. If you guys don't know it yet, I, just like every other girl, love shoes so much. I don't mind the hassle of fitting one shoe after another! Yesterday, however, was too tiresome because there were no shoes available for my size! I'm size 7 and it was like every other girl in the world is size 7, too! It was stressful. I didn't stop my search though and found the perfect pairs for me! 
Brought my coat. Our school has implemented this policy that we must always wear our black/gray coats while in school premises. It was our uniform so to speak. As stubborn as I am, I have stopped using my coat and blazers for days til yesterday. And last night, on my way home, it rained hard! 
Wore wedge heels. I don't wear heels to school. I find it impractical since our college is located on the 3rd floor and we aren't allowed to use the elevator, so we have use the wide yet overcrowded stairs every time. But yesterday I did. 
Sister's umbrella was left in my bag. I had two umbrellas in my bag when my sister and I went separate ways. I was wondering why my bag was still heavy and found her umbrella in it. I fumed. Until it rained hard.
You see, had these things not happened, I would have been in so much regret today. If I stopped on fitting more shoes or didn't buy the shoes available, I may not see it the next time and I swear I would be cursing myself for such stupidity. If I didn't bring my coat with me, I would have been freezing out in the rain to say the least. If I didn't wear wedge heels and wore my sneakers instead, I would have thrown my sneakers away today after walking through flooded streets. And if my sister didn't place her umbrella in my bag, I would have been fixing my small umbrella all the time I was waiting for my ride!
This may be a story of making wise decisions or plain luck, and I was never a fan of the old saying, but really, everything happens for a reason, regardless of how stupid or brilliant our decisions are, or how small or big these reasons seem. 

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