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Posted on the 01 April 2014 by Mohammadatif @hitechmca

Be happyThere is a deep concern taking birth deep within the heart of everyone’s existence as what Next? At some or the other stage of life, you are bound to struggle with your conscious in the pursuit to search for solace. Money is not everything that you look for, but it can’t be neglected either. Happiness means a lot to most and money can buy it largely, but money can’t buy it hook, line and sinker.

There are some moments that you rejoice, spend with your loved ones, and crack some joke that becomes the reason for cacophony around you. These are the moments that you can only create out of your wit, passion, compassion, concern, discern and once you create them, happiness is well in your lap free of cost and on demand.

But happiness can breathe a sigh of untroubled relief only if you are in a settle position and if you have enough of support in terms of emotions, money and health. Once you part ways with any of them, you may not attain that degree of comfort in your life. Now and then, you will keep cursing yourself for what you have been deprived, denied and from what you have been alienated. Was it all your fault or were the circumstances not ripe? Whatever it may be, you had to be stiff, alert and smart enough not to let those gloomy days to crawl within and make your life miserable.

You may live alone, aloof of all the mundane possessions and miles away from your dear ones. But could this give you happiness? To some extent, Yes. Especially if you are a silence loving, tranquility thirsty and peace mongering person. However, your happiness won’t last long for strong bonds is the weakness of every single living creature on this earth who has a heart, who have the tendency to be in tears, who miss every small moment of joy and sorrow, spent with those who matter or once mattered the most.

In the clueless search of happiness, you try every possible effort available there in the book of your life. And it is good to do so. The crux is however how to relish it or whether you are able to achieve it finally? It all depends on the degree of honesty you express in your efforts. No matter if you spend uncountable bucks or if you try to buy happiness simply through your gestures or expressions, to me, it is the quotient of innocence, trustworthiness, genuineness and of course, the honesty of your endeavors that matter the most.

There is none whom I am edifying or imparting these thoughts regarding happiness, instead, I myself was worthy to find the way to real happiness and on the way, went on to create these thoughts, encapsulated in words and imprinted in digital form on this hi-tech electronic page we all call as blog.

Ultimately, I reached to the conclusion that it is you who is responsible for your happiness and none else. Materialistic things could go along to some extent, but in the end, it’s you who need to be cheerful from the bottom of your heart. So Be Happy, make happiness a habit and keep the environment around you full of colors and happiness. That’s it!

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