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Posted on the 27 May 2013 by Mohammadatif @hitechmca

Expressions-MercyI am a good expression to own but unfortunately, I have too few takers in this egotist world, full of revenge and vengeance. I have been denied with my true essence since ages, be it during the stone age or during the reign of gigantic empires. But still, I was way better in those times than I am now. People nowadays are more cruel, ruthless, heartless and emotionless. They forget my existence in entirety as if I have been burnt alive along with innocent people in a heinous communal riot. Yes, I am selfless, but helpless Mercy.

I could hardly find any incidence when I really rejoiced a smile baring few. The prominent of those was when Alexander the Great eschewed killing the brave King Porus and even asked him to continue ruling the kingdom despite the latter being defeated. Most of the other times that I see myself being honored is when a mother forgives her child in the hope that the kid would grow as a better human being.

But unfortunately, these humans are not so innocent any more. They do grow, but alongside, tend the others around them to be suppressed, overpowered and overshadowed. They tease, torture, molest and even kill others around them, but never commit the mistake to let the affected ones go. Sometimes in the name of terrorism, the other times in the name of extremism, at times due to religion, and other times, owing to false honor, I keep on facing the wrath of these atrocious creatures now and then. Amid all that violence, I could only wish that my existence be helpful to those innocent people who are made the scapegoat owing to circumstances.

Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, and so forth, I die uncountable deaths, yet live up to die again and again and again. But I fail to enter the good books of the mighty, because they don’t believe in books at all. Whatever they say is the verdict, wherever they go is the destination. There is none to stop them, none to halt them. Poor fellows, they are too arrogant and aggressive to realize that they would also become weak n feeble someday and would be overpowered by someone else like them, much more powerful than them.

I Know am good and hold the tendency to bring huge respite to all and sundry but good things are rare. Indeed, life is precious-one saved life infuses vivacity to the entire generation. To the contrary, one lost life paralyzes the entire kith and kin. Hence, no wonder that I always appreciate the efforts of forgiveness from the mighty ones as by doing this, they just make it sure that humanity is still alive. But such soft-hearted fellows are very few in this otherwise mean world.

I am anxiously waiting for the day when the residents of this world would understand the real meaning of forgiveness. Indeed, to err is to human and to forgive is divine. But unfortunately, none here is interested to imbibe that divine power, not for a single moment. Still, I will wait for that day…!

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