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Posted on the 17 August 2013 by Mohammadatif @hitechmca

Expressions-Sarcasm(sar·casm : /ˈsärˌkazəm/: The use of irony to mock or convey contempt. Synonyms: irony)

People use me to express their hatred and jealousy against others. I am an unfortunate word and mostly uttered by the lovers of nuisance. As an irony, I am not alone ruling over the world of detestation; derision, scorn, disdain, cynicism and many of my other siblings equally share the space with me and make the lives of victims no less than hell, still all is well.

I am the witness to countless sufferers of atrocities who get nothing in the name of compensation but me. No wonder if they are undergoing intense pain, bleeding, or are even close to dying, the mean world is too busy accomplishing their own goals and scorning, leaving the affected ones crying. There is no community more criminal and heinous than the powerful and mighty ones for they don’t regret massacres and come up clean, holding the hapless fellows as accused instead. Even I bend down my eyes with shame and dejection, seeing all those felonies being forced on those who otherwise should have been given the protection.

Often, people seek my favor out of frustration as they fail to match the level of the wise fellows around them. Finding no way to get out, they simply create sheer irritation and make a mockery of all those so-called successful idiots annoying them. Mostly, losers are my best takers since they qualify all these virtues, and not surprisingly, I tend to find such dignitaries in almost every nook and cranny of the world. To my amuse, sometimes even mindful people tend to lose their minds and allow me to let them unwind.

I know that for my existence, it is important for such anti-social miscreants to breath till as long as possible. But seeing the plight of the tortured ones who bear the wrath of these heartless people sometimes by force and the other times by words, I wish I wouldn’t have taken birth. But if not me, then there would have been someone else playing my role as all of my other siblings keep on doing throughout the world, annoying to the worst, destroying innocent hearts.

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